ByJames David Higdon, writer at

Team captain: Deadpool

Unkillable, master assassin, and a face not even a mother could love. not only did he kill the entire marvel universe, but he took care of the DC universe too. Deadpool is crazy enough to lead any team to victory!

Draft pick: Gohan

Stronger by far than goku and the only one who could defeat cell. Gohan is truely one of the most powerful z fighters.

Draft pick: Ezio Auditore de Firenze

Ezio is THE master assassin. You can't talk about the assassins creed franchise without bringing him up. Stealth, ingenuity, skill. All things needed when making up a great team!

Draft pick: Batman/ bruce Wayne

Money, gadgets, and a vast knowledge of martial arts. Need I say more? Batman has the intellegence to get past any foe, and the money to get aholdnof anyones weakness. Only downfall he wont kill his enemies, but thats why we have a team captain who has no issue doing that.


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