ByWilliam Howard, writer at
William Howard

Team Captain- Batman

Genius tactician , with an unprecedented skill list. Including expert hand to hand combat, multi language fluency, mastery of disguises and keen detective skills. Batman has proven himself valuable many times over in varying degrees of stress.

First Pick- World Breaker Hulk.

He's the HULK! And he's mad....nuff said.

Second pick- Akame

Owner of the cursed demon sword, a master fighter with skill unmatched. Her sword need only touch you, and your life is over. No escape and no mercy.

Third Pick- The Phoenix

There are a number of reasons having a super powerful telepath/ galactic presence on hand would be useful. How powerful mind serves not only as a powerful offense but can be used defensively as well. Force fields and near endless power....This team is on point.


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