ByAvah Somani, writer at

I love desandants so much I cannot stop thinking about it. I have seen it way more then ten times. I really think that there should be no new characters although it's fine if there is. I really think that in this one should be about when mal does something evil and everyone but Ben wants here banned back to her home the isle of the lost. Until she does something so bad.... Like do a mean thing to Ben or ben's parents or good friends. Etc. and I think that when mal is on the island she does not like and wants to back. She goes on crazy adventures and finally makes it back home and discovers everyone hates her and Ben dosnet even talk or look at mal. Mal learns that she shouldn't have done that and is very sorry. But still no one accepts her apology. And when they do.... Basically comes.... Party,dates,dressing up, and mal and Ben kiss at the end. I really hope you do my idea Disney. I think it's awesome I don't have and idea 3 but thank you for desandants it is amazing I can't get it out of my head. And I dream ideas for 2 thanks I hope you do my idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ps if your wondering about jay,evie and Carlos there still at auradon. It would be amazing if Disney did my idea and it's fine if you dont.


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