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Karina Thyra
...t you've commented because I don't want to provoke any more argument from your ignorant comment. UN is doing efforts to tackle World hunger and 'disease maube pollution'. They're doing efforts to solve these problems and there a lot of celebrities using their fame to raise awareness and funds to help the poor countries too. I would slow clap Emma too because she's not only feeling good about herself, she's also helping others, both men and women or anyone at all, really, to feel good about themselves. And she wants to tackle inequality in all its hideous forms that hinder people from achieving their fullest potential as a person. When I get a job that does the same as my male counterpart and we do equal work, I wouldn't want to be paid less either. And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what she's trying to do. And I'm glad it's garnering press news, and hope it wouldn't just be words either. Slow clap to all the feminists and humanists for bringing light and their efforts for trying to solve injustice.

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