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As comic books and superheroes work their way into the TV sphere once more (rather successfully, at that), this fall will see two DC-based shows go head-to-head in the same time slot, leaving some fans to wonder whether one show might overtake the other in ratings. Given their origins as DC properties, many fans are wondering if this is some kind of social experiment, but CBS Chairman Nina Tassler doesn't feel the same at all.

At yesterday's Television Critics Association presentation for Supergirl, Tassler explained that the two shows are very different. "I think Supergirl has a much bigger, broader audience," she said. "It’s more family entertainment. And they look different, they feel different.”

Supergirl's appeal to the younger demographic might be exactly what keeps the show as successful as Gotham, which has only fallen second place to Empire in the 18-47 age demographic. The visuals and violence of Gotham aren't exactly something many parents want to put in front of their young children right before bedtime, and it's CBS' hope that the late-night, family friendly superhero show will capture the untapped market that channels like Disney XD championed last season with Star Wars Rebels.

Obviously, even audiences within the same category tend to differ based on taste -- [Marvel's Agent Carter](tag:1119765) and iZombie seemed to fit within the same category of demographics, and both have been renewed for a second season. Time will tell if this truth holds up for DC's competing shows, but the showdown begins this fall.

Supergirl premieres on October 26th.


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