ByLem Utu, writer at
...joyable movie that makes tons of money and get's good reviews, I'm fine with that. DC has only "Man of Steel" in the book and it was hardly a critical darling and probably could have made more if they hadn't overdone the grimdark. Zach Snyder doesn't inspire great confidence as a world builder either. And Marvel isn't with Disney, it's owned by Disney and you seem to be the only one surprised by that. Nothing Marvel Studios has put out has been Disney-fied and Disney is smart enough to let the cash cow graze as it pleases. Also, Batman vs Superman is not new and fresh. That's been going on for decades and done with varying results in the comics. Putting it on the big screen is new but the conflict is older than you. For the DC Cinematic Universe to exist, BvS will need to open at around 150 million and at least an 80% Rotten Tomato score. The Avengers, which solidified the MCU from it's loose parts (Iron-Man, Captain America, Thor) into a billion dollar machine, opened with a record 207 million and a 94% RT score. Come in at less than 100 and a bad RT score and the DCCU will never recover. You can dream about Wonder Woman and Aquaman all you want but without MCU numbers, it won't happen. Also, the MCU has made stars of the Guardians of the Galaxy and put Ant-Man in the public consciousness. That doesn't happen if you make crappy movies. 12 movies in and Disney/Marvel are hitting on all cylinders. DC isn't even in the race yet. I'll see both but it won't surprise me at all if Civil War outdoes BvS. And seriously, proofread your stuff, man.

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