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Calling all geeky artists! Today, Lucasfilm and HP teamed up to launch a two-month search for the most creative Star Wars fan artists in the galaxy, and they're calling it "The Art Awakens". The prizes are huge, and the Force is in your hands -- so how will you wield it?

Entering is fairly easy: head over to and click "Submit Your Art" near the top-left corner. From there, a tumblr submission form will guide you easily through your entry, and voila! You're all set. Artists must get their submissions in by October 11th, 2015 in order to qualify.

Can you outdo the artists of Alderaan?
Can you outdo the artists of Alderaan?

The five talented artists who win will have their art featured in a professional gallery show alongside iconic names from a few very familiar universes, and will be flown out to attend the opening night of the gallery, hosted at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. Only one of these grand prize winners will receive the all-new HP "Bend the Rules" award, which, along with the bragging rights, will grant the winner a brand new HP Notebook to help them further their talents.

This is all for a great cause, of course: exclusive new art will be auctioned off and all of the proceeds will go to the ongoing Force for Change fundraiser, which benefits UNICEF's Kid Power, allowing kids to help malnourished families around the world.

Think you've got what it takes, padawan? Enter here now!


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