ByGabriel Petričević, writer at

Team Captain:Darth Vader.

The Dark Lord destroyed planets,killed innocent and had a most badass villian kill ever (and a catchprasse).Darth Vader could kill an army with force and his trusty lightsaber.And he may be a villan in the end he is a hero.And he haves the death star.

1nt round pack:Chuck Norris.

I mean he moves the Earth while doing push ups.He cutted a knife and helped The Expendabels with only a sniper and a good old the good,the bad and the ugly background sound.

2st round pack:Superman

It is a no brainer.All do he is allergic to a green rock he can pull the whole solar system.He can fly,shoot lasers pout of his eyes and is dangerous when pissed off.I just hope that aliens arent using kryptonite.

3rd round pack:Kratos

The final pick is god of war.Most pissed of mother fr ever.He killed gods, monsters,and himself.And haves badass body paint and knives.


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