ByLuis Vea, writer at

My team captain:

Tom Version 3.5 from Toonami

-provides command and control from the Absolution

-provides a mobile base for the rest of the team

-calm under pressure

-assisted by SARA

-easy to get along with

-can rally people by broadcasting communications through space

-has access to archives for inspiration on battle strategies and tactics

-can send in drones and supply drops for the team

1st round pick:

Superman from DC Action Comics

-limitless power from Earth's yellow sun

-super strength

-super speed



-freezing and hurricane breath

-super vision, x-ray vision, and heat vision

-super hearing

-always willing to do the right thing

-has saved the universe several times over

-years of experience

-willing to put his life on the line for the greater good

-can call on Justice League for support

-can rally people

2nd round pick:

Goku from Dragon Ball

-good sport

-gladly accepts and challenges impossible odds

-has saved the universe several times over

-can boost his natural abilities even further with his Super Saiyan forms

-years of experience

-can overcome any limit

-will never back down

-can rally a planet

-ally to good and defender of truth

-willing to sacrifice self to save others

-can call on friends for support

3rd round pick:

Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series

-expert marksman

-received training from across the galaxy

-heavily armed and equipped

-works well in a team

-no stranger to impossible odds

-has saved the galaxy several times

-can call on the Absolution for sitrep, transport, and fire support

-years of combat experience

-technical prowess

-can rally a galaxy to take arms

-can bring EDI to work with SARA

-can bring Joker to pilot the Absolution


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