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I watched the new Fantastic Four movie, and I liked it. I'm really big on character development and a cohesive plot line, though, so maybe that's where my opinion diverges from the rest of the population.

Unlike the 2005 film, the actors were well cast, and could act. The roles were more sophisticated and realistic. The characters came across as actual people, giving this version of the story the feel of an actual movie, and not a frame by frame live-animation of a comic book.

There were some negative things about the movie. For example, the phrasing used in the comic book series came across as insincere and cheesy in the film. "It's clobbering time" simply didn't play well into any of the scenes, and it seemed as though the lines were forced into the script to maintain some semblance of familiarity for people who read the comic book.

The phrase "flame on" immediately activated the Beastie Boys/Fatboy Slim collaboration of Body Movin' into my brain, and that was a bit distracting.

Additionally, Toby Kebbel, who plays Victor Von Doom, looks absurdly like Chandler's roommate, Eddie.

Victor (left) & Eddie (right)
Victor (left) & Eddie (right)

The most annoying thing, by far, though, was how Tim Blake Nelson's character, Mole Man, inexplicably started chewing gum in the middle of the movie, and didn't stop until he (apparently) died (oh yeah - spoiler alert).

Tim Blake Nelson (
Tim Blake Nelson (

The gum chewing should have been consistent throughout the entire film, or just not there at all. For the record, I think it shouldn't have been there at all, as it made Nelson appear as a cliche caricature of a villain, rather than a genuine character in a serious film.

Which brings me back to whether or not this was a serious film. The story and acting, overall, really felt serious to me. However, I feel it should have been balls-to-the-wall serious, and not this back and forth with the original comic book lines and images. It seemed like Marvel wanted to go big with this, but for whatever reason, hesitated in order to maintain some connection with the original medium of the story.

I'm rating this a 7.5 out of 10, as I was able to enjoy the overall flow and quality of the film, but still got caught up on some visual and plot aspects I found annoying and distracting.


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