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Team Captain: Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

No one exemplifies courage and leadership better than Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Emanating with confidence, he will charge boldly into battle with his entire crew following him he can command and organize a crew of thousands and has made first contact with dozens of life forms including the all powerful, destructive Borg, as well as the omnipotent Q continuum. Even when he was taken and transformed into a Borg Commander, his crew followed the actions they believed he would take and managed to destroy the threat and save their captain.

1st Round Pick: Solid Snake (Metal Gear Series)

Imagine if you will, Captain America and Black Widow had a child. If that child trained for 40 years and became a cyborg, he might be half as bad ass as Solid Snake. Destined to become the worlds greatest soldier before he was even born, Solid Snake became a master of hand to hand combat, stealth, and sabotage. Even cyborg ninja assassins, and massive bipedal tanks are easily destroyed by him. Even in his accelerated old age he has taken out deadly enemy agents. He has an IQ of 180 which is above genius level His technology is also powerful and superior. He wears a Solid Eye, which can reveal footprints, display the temperature and heart rate of enemy soldiers, and gives him night vision. His body is also filled with nanomachines, giving him enhanced strength, speed, and stamina. He wears OctoCamo which blends in with the terrain surroundings and heat signature, concealing him from any system of detection. He also uses a stun-knife which shoots a non-lethal electric charge through the blade. His communication system allows instantaneous, non-verbal communication between Snake and his allies. He is an all around remarkable soldier of destruction and stealth.

2nd Round Pick: Superman (DC Comics)

Everyone knows who Superman is and what he can do. His powers include flight, heat vision, freeze breath, super strength, super speed, technological genius, and being a master tactician. He also has perfect knowledge of pressure point combat. Superman is also a master of hand-to-hand combat his only weaknesses are kryptonite, (which is extremely rare) magic, and loss of sunlight, as his power is generated from the solar radiation of the sun. His power is technically infinite and incalculable.

3rd round pick: Darth Revan (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

Nearly 4000 years before the prequels, The Old Republic was at war with the Mandalorians. Many Jedi were forced to join the fray in order to restore peace in the galaxy. Among all the fighting Jedi, there was one who appeared invincible: Revan. After the Mandalorian war, he and his apprentice, Malak, left for unknown space. When they returned, they were changed. They created the new Sith order and waged war on the Republic. In one massive battle though, Revan's memory was removed and the Jedi used him to find the Star Forge, a massive space station of immense power. On this new journey, Revan slowly regained his memory and gained the powers of the Light and Dark Side. His light side abilities allow him to heal and boost him, as well as his team, making him perfect for a support role on his team. His dark side abilities however, are very different. Those abilities allow him to bring destruction, and ravage his enemies. They allow him to bring fear, kill with a single stroke, and project force lightning. He has defeated Mandalore (leader of the Mandalorians), Darth Malak (His insanely powerful apprentice), and disintegrated Darth Nyriss. He is one of the most powerful force sensitive beings to ever exist.


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