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Let's call it like it is. 2015's The Fantastic Four remake was a box office flop and it's unlikely that the studio will even break even on their budget. With that said, now it's time to move on. But where do we go next? Despite the fact that the movie was a flop, should Fox shell out more money to make a part two? Should Fox pull a Sony and give Marvel Studios some of the rights and get some money out of its characters? Or should they flat out give up? Regardless, it's definitely not over for Marvel's First Family. But in what capacity should the Fantastic Four operate.


The writers of The Fantastic Four always put Dr. Doom in the movies because he is the most popular of their villains. The reality is that they don't need to have Doom to make a successful movie. Why not go the way the original team and the first arc of The Ultimate Fantastic Four went and use the Mole Man? He's an easy villain to use considering he doesn't fight and using his moloid monsters can give the team a bunch of henchmen like creatures to fight and also a giant one to put down in the end. If the animator is creative, that alone could be something that can be used in the commercials. Also, since the moloids are kind of dumb, this gives the new team a chance to use their powers against a novice villain. Not a genius like Doom.

The Annihilus design may need some tweaking
The Annihilus design may need some tweaking

There's also Annihilus. Since they were in the Negative zone to begin with, why wasn't Annihilus there and pissed off that creatures from another world were invading his land? Annihilus hates humans and the creatures indigenous to the Negative Zone also tend to be displeased with things invading their land. Just like Mole Man, Annihilus has random goon like followers under his command that the new team could go up against. Also, since Annihilus will fight and is intelligent, defeating him will look like a much better victory.

2005 Fantastic and the 2015 Fantastic Four:

An underrated cast and fun movie.
An underrated cast and fun movie.

The 2000 Fantastic Four movies may not have been a flop, but movie goers weren't too happy with what they were given. The funny thing about that is everything that people hated about the newest movie is everything that made the first couple great. For example, the chemistry of the 2015 cast was terrible. But Ioan Gruffudd and Michael Chiklis were amazing together. Since they were adults, there was no need to build up their relationship. Jessica Alba and Chris Evans immediately looked like brother and sister. You could tell they loved each other to death but were also annoyed by one another. The biggest thing that the 2015 movie never showed was the friendship between Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm. There was one joke at the end that seemed more mean than just the friendly jabs the two friends give each other. The movie seemed rushed and this led to tons of things being left out that could have made the movie great. Unlike the earlier ones that had all the things that were needed.

Are they too old fashioned?

The Fantastic Four are fifty-three years old and with the exception of Sue Storm, The Fantastic Four didn't change much. Reed was still the father and husband too busy for his family but still very wholesome. Ben was still just there to punch stuff and be insecure and Johnny was still lighting things on fire and dating super models and actresses. Sue became a strong and feared character and a bad-ass who knocked out the Hulk. It wasn't until Civil War that Reed started to become a little more realistic with his views on the world. Johnny Storm didn't really need to evolve. His personality doesn't leave much for growth. He is what he is. Ben Grimm didn't need much tweaking. He, like Johnny, is what he is. The difference is there are more layers to Ben than Johnny. Even with all of that, their family is still very wholesome and pure (as a group. Reed is destroying worlds with his Illuminati).

People don't go to see action movies to go see a wholesome superhero team or a stretchy man that would rather make an invention rather than fight. The Fantastic Four can work in live action if they are accompanied by other heroes. Maybe a live action solo movie isn't for them. What could work is a Dreamworks film. All of their powers would work better in a CGI film. The things they could do with computer animation is limitless. And with it being a cartoon, it's almost guaranteed to be a hit with the kids. Especially with Johnny and Ben acting like fools. Spend maybe ten to twenty minutes tops on them getting their powers and get right into them being a team and a family.


The Fantastic Four will return to cinemas one way or another. Whether or not it's with Fox or Marvel is another story all together. Reports online have come in saying that Fox plans on making a sequel to this movie. It could redeem them for this recent movie or it could dig their hole even further. We will have to just wait and see.

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