ByStephen Sbiroli, writer at
I give my thoughts on a variety of films; what works and what doesn't.
Stephen Sbiroli

Hello MoviePilot! My name is Steve, and I thought I'd give film blogging a shot! I am a junior Television/Radio/Film major and Theatre minor at Syracuse University, and found this website through my good friend and bandmate Justin Patricolo ( I used to have a YouTube series called "Steviews" in the summer of 2013, but it was more centered on reviewing bad pop music. I want to work on developing my taste in film so I can become a better screenwriter, editor, and actor, and this seems like a good way to document my thoughts and revive my interest in reviews. You can expect film reviews, editorials, top ten lists, and maybe even a revival of my YouTube channel. Whatever I may post, I hope you'll be interested in what I have to say, my take on popular and lesser known movies, and my progression in the world of film!


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