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Thomas Marsula

Another poorly made horror film that tried to call it self the next Freddy or Jason. They shot it as just another found footage film for some reason that is never explained. We start off with the main character Ress or something like that. Who is a jerk to everyone even to his friend and supposed girlfriend. They come together to scheme to ruin the play his friend his a part of. They go in at night destroy the set then the main actress pops up with an "unknown reason" for being there. We follow the four of them as they do ever cliche poorly like splitting up. They get clues the the actor guys father called out and that the Gallows guy that filled in was hung by accident. So he wants revenge for what is written and put off like an accident. The actor guy calls him out and is pulled away. What follows is every predictable jump scare because they pretty much show it twice so your prepared for it every time.

The girlfriend's only job appears to be crying and running along. The others just leave her and the Gallows man comes in and sweeps her away. We have the main character and main actress left. And at the start he trashed talked her and now their teaming up to escape. The see the "real" charlie or gallows man. They run after an alarm they set up goes off. They run towards an open door. The main guy is out and looks back to hear the actress he suddenly fell in love with for no explained reason. He goes back and gets possessed along with her to act out the end of the play and hangs himself. The girl takes a bow and her mother who somehow managed to be there either the entire time or somehow found a way in a fully locked school. The cops arrive at her place for some reason and not a the school which the main guy called earlier. The cop see's the daughter with her mom watching the play. The other guy dies from being hung the other guy say charlie and sees the guy and the movie ends.

In the end this short review will seem like more of a rant. There is little here and charlie's "rules" are not really clear as well as a lot of other choices. Like why is this just another found footage movie? It's never explained so why is it even needed. I can't even call what this movie has jump scares. It's too predictable with everything that's going to happen. The choices like having this jerk fall in love make no sense because there's no context is to why making his choice to go back rather mind boggling. I'm not trying to confuse that with going back in general but his reasoning comes of as it's because of love which shouldn't be the case. Given this movie a 2/10 is rather generous but I do see little hints of trying and even that's a bit of a reach. I did a more heavy rant in the video below:


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