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Team Captain - Captain America, Avengers, Marvel Universe

What better captain than the captain himself? He's a master of motivation for the team, and he knows how to get the full potential out of his entire team. He leads arguably the greatest team of any universe already, why choose anyone else to lead this team?

1st Round Pick- Dr. Manhattan, Watchmen.

For anyone who has seen watchman, this is obvious. While he may not be as loyal as a guy like Goku, he will do whatever necessary to get the job done. Immensely powerful, Dr.Manhattan not only will do whatever necessary, he CAN do whatever necessary. Another reason to pick Dr. Manhattan first is that you need a team that can survive anything, and with the handy ability to regenerate himself whenever he needs to, this ability would be a huge plus side to have. Lastly, it goes without saying that every team needs at least one super genius, and Dr. Manhattan is the epitome of super genius. Put under the leadership of someone like Cap, and the potential of this guy is simply too big to pass on.

2nd Round Pick- Ezio Auditore, Assassin's Creed 2

One of the most glaring issues with the team so far is it's inability to quietly deal with anything. When you have a guy like Dr. Manhattan, there's no reason to back him up with more brute force, but even if Cap gets into the fight, there will be no way to sneak either of them into somewhere, so Ezio is a great fit on the team. Ezio also has awesome hand to hand skills, so in the extremely unlikely event that Dr. Manhattan needs any help, Ezio can provide some good backup, along with taking out targets distracted by Manhattan. I also feel that his quiet demeanor would fit in well, with two bulging personalities already on the team.

Third Round Pick- Hawkeye, Avengers, Marvel Universe.

With a team this amazing, there's only one glaring thing missing: range. With the ultra close quarters mindset of Ezio, the pure power of Manhattan (along with the fact he would find it unnessecary to ever fight from a distance), and even Captain America's more hand to hand mindset, you have zero range (other than maybe caps shield). The main reason I go with Clint over guys like Green Arrow, Deathstroke, etc. is the personality. As stated earlier, you have enormous personalities in Manhattan and somewhat in Cap, so having guys like Ezio and Clint is absolutely vital. He gives the team the last two things on the wish list: range and an easygoing personality.


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