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Short Red Hood back Story

For those of you who don't know the red hood is a the former second Robin. He was kidnapped, beaten down, and later killed by the Joker. Ras-algul later finds Jason Todd (The Red Hood) and brings him to the Lazarus Pit which is filled with water that brings people back from the dead. It works but he comes back deranged and seems to think he only had two purposes for being reborn into the same life: 1. to protect Gotham by putting down crooks for good, 2. to extract revenge on the good ol' bats for making the Joker pay for what he had done.

Reason 1: Batman v Superman trailer

In the trailer for the Batman vs Superman movie we get a quick glimpse of the Batfleck stargazing at an old beat up suit which most presumed to be an old Batman suit. However taking another look I had realized that it is a torn and battered Robin suit with the words spray painted on the front "HA HA Jokes on you BATMAN." This makes me thing of a certain Robin who was terrorized by the joke maker himself.

Reason 2 : Suicide Squad trailer

For those of you who have seen the Suicide Squad trailer you have experienced Jared Leto's insane almost thug take on the joker. Near the end of that trailer you hear Joker preach this line "Oh I'm not gonna kill yuh, I'm just gonna hurt you really really bad" then the scence comences to some intense laughing and the trailer ends. In the preview of the movie we also see the Joker operating on some mystery person who I persume to be Jason Todd AKA the Second Robin AKA the Red Hood.

Quick Summary

The Red Hood is Batman's greatest failure. Jason reminds the Bat who he would be if Bruce turned the Batman into a killer. The Red Hood may be Batman's foe in his next and upcoming stand alone film. Given the trailers snippets and hints, also including the order in which the actual movies come out. The Red Hood has a very good chance at being a/one of the main antagonists in the next solo Batman film.


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