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Fant4stic was a huge flop. The kind that may make Fox think about a partner ship with Marvel Studios, or make them simply get rid of those characters. Even though Fox officialy announced that they were planning on making a sequel to Josh Trank's new film, I am still hoping that the rights go back to Disney. But not for the reason you think. We have already seen two versions of the team in ten years. None of them really worked. I personally think the Fantastic 4 are oudated. I still enjoy them, theyre fun characters, but I dont think theyre made for the big screen. Theyre a 60s feel to them, wich isnt easy to adapt. They can easily feel cheesy. Thats why they chose to make them "dark and gritty" in the new reboot, but that made them even more laughable.

I dont want to see them any time soon in a film.

What I do want to see tough, is everyone else! Galactus, the Silver Surfer, the Skrulls, and of course Dr. Doom. No, we havent seen Dr.Doom yet. We have seen Electro in a metal suit and a guy with his mouth shut who can blow up people's brains out. None of those are the real Dr.Doom.

Poor Tobby Kebell looks sad. Probably thinking "Why am I in this already?"

What I want to see, is a Dr.Doom movie:

-Doom uses magic, that could fit with Dr Strange, he could even be an old aprentice of the Ancient one.

-Doom comes from a European country, Latveria, and decides to rule over it. That could be the plot of the film: Doom could lead the people of Latveria, who are ruled by a dictator, and create a revolution to take him out, wich he does, and at the end of the movie becomes a dictator himself.

The reason why he would come back to Latveria to take the dictator out? A huge catastrophy. One that could tie in with the MCU. And cause Doom to hate the Avengers in the process.

The events in Sokovia at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Just make Doom's homeland Sokovia. After half of the the very small coutry is destroyed, Doom is outraged and thats when he decides to take over and later rebuild a better Sokovia.

Galactus, the Silver Surfer and the Skrulls would fit perfectly in the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe, they should be referenced or even make an appearence in Guardians of the Galaxy and The Infinity wars.

There you have it guys, my hopes for the F4 rights to go back to Marvel Studios, would you like to see a Dr.Doom film?


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