ByBenny Benitez, writer at
I really like DC but i haven't read a comic but I enjoy DC'S animated movies and shows

Team Captain- Superman

He is my captain because; he is a great leader ,and people are willing to follow him anywhere. He is very determined to do the right thing and can make those hard Decisions.

1st round pick- Vegeta

My 1st pick is the prince of all sayians. He is on my team because of my team name. Vegeta is always looking for a way to get better and, although he doesn't play well with others he has proved he can. The guy is just focused on being number one but, ends up being in second sometimes. In the end Vegeta will work his butt off to be the best because its in his nature.

2nd pick - Spider-Man

I picked him because he is determined to save everyone he comes across. To me he is a real people's hero because most of the things he does are what cops or firefighters do. Although he is no match for my other two picks he has creativity which helps him in his battles.


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