ByPrathamesh Malpure, writer at

1. Team captain: Superman Prime

He is born to lead and with those powers I don't think any invader will survive against him and he leads the team with golden cape this time. With all the energy from sun our very first cape crusader is ready to protect us.

2. Pick one: Batman

Another cape crusader is here in black cape. We cant depend on muscle every time we will need brains for that . The best detective will be very helpful with his money ,mind and gadgets and his will is out of this batman is ready to stop the bad as usual.

3.Pick two: Dr. Strange

Well what if the danger is beyond our vision and only magic will be able to stop it?

Therefore, we have the best magician as our saviour with his cape on he is ready to do some unbelievable tricks and will definitely get us out of the mess.He can use cosmic powers too, so yeah he's more than handy.

4.Pick three: Ash Ketchum

From the Pokemon universe we have one of the best trainer to fight the bad. So to match up with the name of team he wore a cape and he's ready to take some a**e* down. This team will survive any kind of apocalypse and will rise on the top.


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