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The Green Inferno has been grabbing the attention of horror buffs for quite some time now. After a few minor setbacks that had it looking like we were never going to see the film (the project was announced May of 2012 at the Cannes Film Festival but financial difficulties halted the production), it was finally announced that we’re going to see the cannibalistic gore-fest on September 25, 2015!

Directed by Eli Roth who has also directed huge horror films such as Cabin Fever (2003), and Hostel (2005) among others, so this film is sure to be a gruesome display.

About The Green Inferno:

A group of activists from New York City who travel to the Amazon to help a native tribe that are slowly disappearing. But when their plane crashes, they realize that “no good deed goes unpunished”...and with the tagline "Fear will eat you alive," I think we can expect just that.

Inspired by the very first found-footage film, Cannibal Holocaust (a film that was banned because people thought that the deaths were real, of all things), The Green Inferno promises classic, unadulterated horror.

Fun fact: Roth actually showed the locals playing the cannibals scenes from Cannibal Holocaust to get them in the right mindset!

Cannibals on tour?!

Earlier today, Eli Roth announced via video that The Green Inferno will be having a Fan Appreciation Tour (WHAT?!) as a 'thank you' to fans that have stuck with the project from its announcement back in 2012, as well as brand new fans interested in making the project a success. Here's the video:

Yes, you heard that right! Prizes, giveaways...the tour is sure to be an awesome time. If you missed it in the video, the tour will be coming to Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York.

You're thanking us, Mr. Roth? No, thank you!

So what should we get excited about?

Roth on set of The Green Inferno
Roth on set of The Green Inferno

As a big Eli Roth fan, I am beside myself for the fan appreciation tour and film release. However, for those of you that haven't heard about the project (or just want to learn a little more), here are some awesome things about it to get excited about:

  • It's Roth's first solo directing gig since Hostel 2 (2007)
  • It is also Roth's first time directing again since then (8 years!)
  • It will be gross, gory, and gruesome (think Hostel level gross, we'll get to see how closely it relates to Cannibal Holocaust in film style and storyline)

If that's not enough for you, here's the trailer for the film:

Looks amazing, right? With a director who was called the "future of horror" by Quentin Tarantino, I believe that we can truly expect something incredible. I know I'm freaking out about this awesome opportunity, what about you?


Will you be catching the Fan Appreciation Tour?


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