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My Team Captain Would have to be Batman, from the DC universe for one noone comes as prepared for even the most unlikely of scenario as the Dark Knight. Though it would be the Michael Keaton Version from the Tim Burton original rather than Nolan from the Dark Knight trilogy.. he gets the job done no matter what he has to do to do so. master of numerous martial arts, more gadgets than every Radio shack put together and a strategic mind that could put most generals to shame.

My first draft pick Colossus From the Xmen Marvel universe

This powerful russian has the stamina to take whatever the enemy dishes out and keep coming and dish it back out super human strength, nearly inpenetrable metallic skin and will good luck getting past this one man defensive line

My Second round choice Optimus Prime from the Transformers Universe, need a field commander? one of the best, willing to take one for the team or the greater good even if it means his own life. lets not forget firepower here got a blaster, not to mention his trailer is a mobile arsenal..and if all else fails hard to stop a peterbilt barrelling at you at seventy miles per hour

My third Choice Deathstroke the Terminator AKA Slade Wilson, Also DC super intelligent master of several martial arts and former wielder of the Sword of war this merc and criminal mastermind is relentless in a goal also possessing regenerative healing being one of batman's most challenging opponents in the past just imagine what these two could accomplish with the right common goal..after all kinda hard to make a profit as a merc if the worlds destroyed..


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