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Team Captain: Leonardo - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

A good leader needs to be intelligent in his tactics, calm, courageous, but most importantly, also a team player. That's why the leader of the classic heroes in half shells, Leonardo(Leo) is leading my team. Under the tutelage of his adoptive father and trainer, Master Splinter he has learned and honed the the true art of ninja, becoming a master of himself and his environment. Although never in a rush to fight, if met with a challenge, he's eager to rise to the occasion and overcome it. Between his martial arts ability, his sheer size and his excellent display of swordsmanship with his signature dual katanas, Leo is a well rounded threat to any foe and someone I'd follow into battle.

First Round Pick: Bumblebee - Transformers

When I think of “Robots In Disguise" one of the first names that come to mind is Bumblebee. At first glimpse he appears as a smooth Chevy Camaro and even when he transforms he's a soft spoken and often times funny character, and when it's time for action he's a “take no prisoners” shoot first and ask questions later kind of bot with his arm gun. Regarded as a loyal and courageous Autobot under the leadership of the great Optimus Prime, Bumblebee has proven time and again that when push comes to shove, this is who you'd want to have you're back when the chips are down. Second in command is the perfect fit for him.

Second Round Pick: Human Torch – Fantastic 4

All great teams have a hot head. That guy who is highly talented but sometimes flies off the handle with his mouth or even worse, goes into business for himself at the completely wrong time. Well it doesn't get much hotter than The Human Torch himself, Johnny Storm. Fast cars, beautiful woman and cheap thrills may very well be at the top of his list(most of the time anyway), but when he flames on, the fun and games come to a halt. Arrogance aside, Torch will always show up for his teammates when the time comes. In battle Torch is a threat on the ground but more importantly in the air and with his abilities and his loose temper at times, there's no telling how heated things can get, so I wouldn't want to be the one to piss this guy off. Torch is definitely a wildcard and every good team needs one and that's why he's on mine. Plus I think him and Bumblebee would be quite the entertaining pair.

Third Round Pick: Sonic The Hedgehog – Sonic X

Don't let his small size fool you, once Sonic gets to moving anyone will realize that this is far from an ordinary hedgehog. With the ability to move at supersonic speeds not even the most skilled foes can keep up with him and coupled with his ability to spin his body once curled into a ball, Sonic can cause some serious damage. Often time preferring the peace and tranquility of solitude, Sonic is brave, quick witted, and loyal to his friends. He's also proven that there's not too many sticky situations that he can't get himself out of and when he's sets his mind to something, he sees it through. With Sonic on my team things will get accomplished in record time.


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