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Phase 2 is now over. It's official. Everything is coming to an end in the two part infinity wars in 2018/2019.

So what’s infinity wars? What’s it gonna be about? When can I buy horribly overpriced popcorn to munch on while sit in awe of watching the most awesome movie ever?

Your answers to your many questions lies here, in this article, where I’ve made a bunch of assumptions where I could be right, or totally wrong.

First off, before I tell you my theory and what it might be about, lets have a good look at Marvel’s lineup for phase 3


First off, these next films are going to lead to the end of phase 3, at Avengers Infinity wars Part II which will probably be loosely based on the comic version of infinity gauntlet rather than infinity wars in my opinion.

Turn back, quit this tab and act like nothing ever happened if you want no spoilers, but bear in mind this is just my speculation, so it might be right or wrong.

Still here, well keep calm and carry on!

So What’s Infinity Gauntlet?… Read at your PERIL

When your outfit is on point.
When your outfit is on point.

In infinity gauntlet, Thanos (A mad titan with mental issues) gets control of the powerful infinity gauntlet and the powers of the six infinity gems (Space, time, power, reality, soul and mind). The gauntlet makes Thanos a god in the marvel universe. Thanos tries to win the affections of death (his love) by killing half of all life in the universe. The surviving heroes guided by Adam Warlock (An overpowered good guy superhero) attack Thanos. The titan obliterates them. Thanos goes on to imprison many of the universe’s cosmic entities. After this he becomes the living embodiment of the universe and relinquishes control of the gauntlet. His body is alone with the gauntlet and Nebula (his granddaughter) takes it, and reverses all the death. Another battle happens with Warlock taking control of the gauntlet and Thanos fakes his death.

Well, first of all, infinity gauntlet’s storyline makes sense in the MCU. We’ve already seen half the infinity gems/stones, the tesseract as the space gem in Avengers and Thor, the aether as reality gem in Thor : The Dark World, the orb as the power gem in Guardians of the Galaxy and the mind gem in Loki’s sceptre in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. In AoU’s post credits scene, Thanos picks up the gauntlet as well.

Me Gusta
Me Gusta

Now that leaves us with four gems that have been introduced, just to recap they’re power, mind, space and reality, Now that leaves us with soul and time. In Age of Ultron, the mind gem is introduced to have been in Loki’s sceptre, and is lodged into the head of the vision. This leaves us with two more stones, and a whole phase of marvel movies to put it in. Now, I’ve narrowed it down and I believe it will appear in one of these, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Captain Marvel or Inhumans. But my pick is Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel. I narrowed the choices down because Ragnarok, GoTG 2 and Civil War are progressions of CURRENT characters, meaning that it would make sense to push the characters further rather than just try to shape an entire plot around a gem. Yep, I could be totally wrong because we all know that GoTG revolved pretty much on the Orb, but yeah it’s what I think. Anyway lets keep going.

So with the gems/stones in place, how does Thanos get them? How do we get to infinity war from here?

Well to be frank, I have an idea.

I think Thanos, or a minion of Thanos, maybe Nebula, will steal the aether (Reality Gem) from the collector or he gives it to him. This might appear as an end credits scene in Civil War. Thanos or Nebula would definitely have to attack Xandar in order to break into the Nova Corp vault holding the orb (Power gem). Maybe another end credits scene or mention of a Heist at Xandar in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. From here he would take the time gem introduced in Doctor Strange somehow, probably at the end of the movie or another end credits scene. That seems simple enough, but here is where my theory becomes complex.

Xandarians. What a bunch of losers.
Xandarians. What a bunch of losers.

At the end of Avengers Thor takes the Tesseract (Space Gem) back to Asgard and in Thor 2 we realise Loki is impersonating Odin. I think Loki would give the tesseract to Thanos. If he didn’t, Thanos would have to launch a major attack on Asgard. This also works out well for Thanos, Asgard was weakened by the Dark Elf attacks in Thor 2, it’s forces would be weaker than ever. Thanos would have an easy time strolling in and taking the tesseract and enacting revenge on Loki as he did not give him the tesseract nor the sceptre as it was promised to him in the Avengers. However, Loki would probably give the tesseract now on Asgard to Thanos out of fear, to stop him killing Loki. This will probably happen in Ragnarok, maybe in the movie itself rather than an end credits scene.


With three stones and the gauntlet under his belt he would travel to Earth in either inhumans, Civil War, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel or at the start of infinity war to get the mind gem in Vision’s head as well as the time and soul. Now, I’ve given a movie for each stone to be taken but that’s just a loose order revolving around the release dates of each film. Probably the thing that mightn’t fit the best is how Thanos will get to Earth, Marvel could put it in Civil War which would make sense as everyone is confused and distracted fighting each other and Thanos/Nebula could beat up vision and take it. Or, they could do it in Black Panther because that’s based on Earth, and the same goes for Doctor Strange or at the start of Infinity War. I excluded Captain Marvel and Inhumans because they happen in between the two part Avengers films. Or they could have the first part of infinity war with Thanos on his merry way taking all the stones. Anyway with six stones and the gauntlet we would get to infinity war, or part 2 of it at least. YAY


His face looks like a raisin, Look
His face looks like a raisin, Look

I think most of the plot could be taken from infinity gauntlet and put into infinity war, and with the Russo Brothers on the wheel they'll do an excellent job as with Captain america 2. But here are a few things marvel would have to introduce to the MCU for the storyline to work


  • Introduce Adam Warlock in GoTG 2 (There was Adam warlock’s cocoon in the collector’s place in Thor 2 end credits scene) or Dr Strange (The magic element, Warlock is mainly magic)
  • Introduce Death very soon maybe in AoU, or at any point in phase 3, my pick being in either Black Panther or Doctor Strange
  • Introduce the cosmic entities or replace them with something just as good, but keep death, otherwise Thanos as a character is wasted

Marvel would probably have to negotiate contracts and sort out all the logistics but they’re reasonable changes, not impossible. Marvel have been building up to infinity wars for ages, and it will take a whopping 16 films to get to part 1 of infinity wars, building up from Iron Man in phase 1. It will probably be one of the best superhero movies ever, or at least for the couple years with the way of DC and Marvel have been at it.

With these changes, my theory might work. Or I could be completely wrong and have wasted my entire Sunday afternoon writing this, but anyway here are my ideas.


So what do you think?


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