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According to the majority of fans who saw the reboot, [The Fantastic Four](tag:34667) was a huge flop. Even though there were great aspects, it unfortunately fell short of being a great movie. Before getting into who the next villain may be, allow me to address the question on the tip of everybody's tongue: Why would Fox barf up a sequel after this disaster? Who would even watch that? Well my fellow creator Adonis Gonzalez had an idea that could potentially save the Fantastic Four from doom.

You rang?
You rang?

In Adonis' article How Fox Could (Potentially) Save The Fantastic Four! he brings up the idea of Fox releasing a Director's cut of Fantastic Four, showing us the vision that director Josh Trank had for the film. Not only do I think that it's a great idea, but I believe it could take the majority of fans off of the hate train and onto the love.. train? Love boat..? Point is, I think it could make up for what has been deemed to be "a disaster of a reboot". It seems that the first half of the film was what Trank was responsible for (which I enjoyed) while the other half was what was squeezed out by Fox (which was less enjoyable).

So if this idea were to come into fruition (which I think it should, if Fox wants anyone to see their sequel) who could the next villain be? Well according to's article 19 Easter Eggs Hidden in Fantastic Four we've already seen them. Here's what they had to say:

There's a green energy constantly coursing through Planet Zero. We think this is a very sneaky nod at the ruler of the Negative Zone--That specific shade of green belongs to Annihilus the insectoid. Once again this seems to be laying seeds for a sequel that we'll never see.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Lord of the Negative Zone, this is what he looks like...

Right?! Pretty flippin' cool. Now this is only speculation, but I'm not going to completely dismiss the idea of this guy showing up in a Fantastic Four sequel. That'd actually be something I'd like to see!

What do you folks think?



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