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There has been a lot of talk about choosing a side lately, and while that may be in relation to the upcoming [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), I’m about to change that up a bit. Most of us are either fans of Marvel or fans of DC. Sure, we like both of them but we all have a favorite.

I’m wondering, as so many of us have at some time or another, what would happen if the two universes collided. Who would fight who and, more importantly, who would win? I want you to help me decide!

Captain's got this covered
Captain's got this covered

I’ve decided to put together some interesting matchups, and not the ones everyone’s already thought about. I’m not talking about Superman vs. Thor or Avengers vs. Justice League. I’ve put together a list of five outside-the-box Marvel vs. DC fights:

Spider-Man Vs. The Flash

This isn’t my most ‘out there’ matchup, but don’t worry, they’ll get better. I figured this isn’t really an obvious fight so it makes sense for this list and it would also be a lot of fun to see. For the sake of a fair fight, we’ll take out any possibility of the whole time travel thing here. The Flash moves too fast for his opponents to even see, making the Scarlet Speedster almost impossible to defeat.

Spider-Man however, doesn’t rely entirely on sight. His spider sense will allow him to see where the Flash will be before he gets there. Plus, those web shooters will allow Spidey to set up some speed traps to slow the Flash down a bit. Cut down on that speed and we’ve got ourselves an interesting one on one contest.


Who wins? Spider-Man or The Flash?

Moon Knight Vs. The Joker

This one I would love to see because both of these characters are completely insane! We know what the Joker is capable of. He’s a psychopath and a bit of an evil genius. He will go to any lengths to create anarchy and murder is no obstacle at all.

Moon Knight is basically Marvel’s version of Batman, with a few big differences. The first is that Moony has no problem breaking Batman’s one rule of no killing. In fact, at times he tends to enjoy it. The other big difference is that he’s... well... totally insane. He has multiple personalities and is haunted by visions of an Egyptian God named Khonshu. These two murderous psychopaths going at it would definitely be fun to see.


Moon Knight or The Joker?

Deadpool Vs. Ra's Al Ghul

Here’s one I bet you haven’t thought of. The Demon’s head against the Merc with a Mouth. Talk about some awesome hand-to-hand combat. The nearly immortal leader of the league of assassins is second to none when it comes to fighting skills and will certainly create problems for Deadpool.

The interesting thing about this fight though is the fact that Deadpool can’t die. He’s been hit with just about everything you can think of and he just keeps on coming. Ra's’ death strikes sill surely slow Deadpool down, but does he actually have anything that can completely stop him?


Deadpool or Ra's al Ghul?

Fantastic Four Vs. Suicide Squad (Rick Flag, Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Killer Croc)

These two teams are almost polar opposites. One is a covert team of government controlled villains and the other is the first family of superheroes. The Suicide Squad is dangerous and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. This roster I’ve selected has the right combination of leadership, craziness and muscle.

The Fantastic Four on the other hand have experienced anything you can think of and are nearly unbeatable. Reed Richards’ genius and leadership bring the team together but the powers of the other three make them just as dangerous as any team. Who do you like, the team in the spotlight or the one you’re not supposed to know about?


Fantastic Four or Suicide Squad?

Norman Osborn Vs. Lex Luthor

I’ve saved my favorite for last. These are two of the best villains in their respective universes and that’s despite the fact that when we break it all down, they’re just men. They don’t have superpowers, just brilliant minds and unlimited resources. Luthor obviously regularly takes on Superman! That in and of itself is impressive enough but Luthor also added the minor accomplishment of becoming president of the United States. There is nothing that this evil genius can’t do.

Osborn is just as impressive. Sure, his nemesis may not be as powerful, but Spider-Man is no joke either, and Osborn has systematically destroyed his life. Norman is nothing short of brilliant, but he is also psychotic. He’s willing to do whatever, and kill whoever it takes to get what he wants. He became the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. which may not be as impressive as President, but it's also no small task. The fight between these two, with all of their technology and all of their brilliance would be absolutely spectacular.


Osborn or Luthor?


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