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In April, we learned that Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries' leading lady will be departing from the main cast as she ventures on into the rest of Hollywood to continue building her career. So in May we all tuned in to see whether Nina Dobrev's character Elena Gilbert would have a dramatic death or a heartwarming goodbye and in a twisted turn of events we kind of got both a dramatic heartwarming goodbye as she goes to sleep in a coma courtesy of everyone's season favorite, Kai Parker. (Who I still think should be brought back because Chris Wood was amazing and anyone with eyes can see that)

Any who in the season finale premiere, Elena in one of the comatose memory sharing moments is saying goodbye to her life long friends; Bonnie and Caroline. And in that heart-wrenching scene she gives them diaries, asking them to write it all down. So that one day when she wakes up, she can read all about her best friends lives and feel like she was there.

Thus passing down the helm of notorious diary writing to them, meaning you will be hearing them narrating the story of their lives starting Season 7. Yes both Caroline and Bonnie have been around since Season 1 but they have never been the center of attention besides Season 6 where you can see that they were being set up for bigger story lines since both of them had major storylines in Season 6. Considering these two girls are my favorite characters in the show I believe it's time they get there recognition.

Caroline Forbes

The charismatic outgoing Caroline Forbes who is practically everyone's favorite especially when she's optimistic and babbling. Caroline is adorable but it is clear that she is cut out for more than just smiles with her story arc last season in which you could argue that she was the main character considering her story took most of the plot in many episodes. I enjoyed Caroline this season as we got to see a dark version of her after her mother's funeral. Showing that there is a lot more to her than a sugar coated smile and giggles. In the following season I would like to see a more independent Caroline who seems to always be in a relationship. And I know that the writers have said she will have a "Will they or won't they" storyline with Stefan but I think it's time Caroline begin to discover herself when she's not in a relationship. Although that doesn't seem likely since there have been hints that Caroline will be getting a curveball somewhere during episode 7 that has something to do with her growing as a person. (I'm placing my bets that Caroline will somehow manage to get pregnant a la Twilight style.)

Bonnie Bennett

Last but definitely not least the ever strong, altruistic Bonnie who has endured loss after loss after loss I mean at this point the girl can basically be synonymous with grief and pain but despite it all she ventures on with a smile and some sass. She has always been the hero willing to give up everything even her own life in the name of her friends which she has done a various amount of times but last season we got a taste of a different Bonnie. A Bonnie who has decided that she wants to live and that her life just like all others holds value, so when asked to do something that would put her life on the line she wasn't so keen on it as she was before. And I believe in Season 7 we should see a lot more of that, a Bonnie whose sick of helping everyone else and decides to help herself. Although I have recieved information that she will indeed decide to take on the care of both Alaric and Damon for reasons unknown. But I believe it's time she got more selfish and had some fun. Screw worrying about other people's problems only to be unappreciated after the fact, I want Bonnie Bennett to go to the club and have some fun for once and let someone else worry about her problems. Speaking of that there are rumors Bonnie will have an odd love interest this season which I am excited for because the girl needs some love and hopefully the person she dates is able to handle his own so that someone can finally worry about her instead of her having to always worry and protect her loved one.

In all honesty I just want more of this...

It's about time these two queens shined and be happy for awhile!


Are you glad Caroline and Bonnie are finally getting there much deserved time in the sun?


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