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Hi, ladies and gentlemen, welcome. I love watching top notch tv shows, movies or playing your favourite games. Here's what? Have you ever wondered what if you assembled your own super elite 10 universal agents.

The world needs a motley crew of various fictional characters from video games, tv shows and movies to save the world or die trying. Furthermore, my intrepid readers who enjoys a tantalising read.

I bring you my personal choice of super agents to save humanity from darkness.

Elite 10 Team:

1. Cold Snake Plisken. An elite specialist soldier. A fictional game character from the classic 'Konami Metal Gear Solid'. A perfect special forces soldier who can handle himself well, his astuteness to plan an asssualt or rescue is second to none and he can evade any precarious situations.

He's been on many deadly missions and now works as an independent soldier. A rough cut man highly wanted by the government or rogue corporations. He's on the most wanted list of deadly agents in the world.

2. What can I say about this superb high tech female hacker, 'Alyx Vance'. Another video game character that I induct into my elite squad. She's not the typical geeky woman behind a desk, but, a slick, extremely gifted I.T. hacker, who utilizes her talent by breaking into secured firewalls and manipulating, re-encoding programmes and she has the knack for sniffing out digital secrets.

She uses various aliases to mask her true identity and Vance never leaves a digital signature behind, only an empties someones account. Her greatest challenge in life for her is to hack into multiple masked ISP's and defeat worldwide hackers.

Her service is a pre-requisite to the elite-10.

My third choice is, John Constantine, a tv show character that I admire and a valuable asset to the group. He's well versed in all forms of mystical and magic rituals and very astute. He has seen his fair share of turmoils and dangers, but, he continues to defy all that seek to destroy him.

A man with wisdom that needs no introduction.

4. Ezio, one of my favourite game character from Assassin's Creed. His skills in eliminating an enemy without being noticed defies all logic.

A well trained assassin who'll sneak into a building like a shadow and take out his target without a sweat and can handle multiple threats without difficulty.

5. Scorpion. A Mortal Kombat ninja warrior. His deadly sword has unique powers that can vanquish any human being, if he or she gets close enough to Scorpion. People tread carefully when confronting Scorpion in a battle.

6. Sub Zero, another Mortal Kombat video game character. This particular ninja can freeze you to death with his magical powers. I recommend stay clear of him if you want stay frosty.

7. Corvo, a soldier with extraordinay skills. He has the ability to cloak himself invisible. His vast weaponry at his disposal is unheard of and superior. A much needed game character that can be utilized effectively, when the mission requires it.

8. Professor Barry Allen, a tv show character from the DC Comics. Flash after being struck by lightning. He begins to apply his newly acquired powers to do good for humanity.

Flash can run so fast that his running makes mere mortals so simple in comparison. He can bend the the fabric of time. He can create whirlwind tornados. Barry Allen aka 'Flash' can also steal energy from other super fast heroes, such as 'Superman'.

He has his own energy force field to protect him. Flash is an invaluable member of the elite 10 team. If for any reasons the team needs a quick fix, he's the man, and by the way, he can travel through time.

His services are greatly accepted.

9. Riddick, a wanted man on the run. A loner mercenary seeking salvation and redemption. His skills range from seeking mutants with his special eyes. A soldier warrior that searches the desolate badlands for work or he chooses a war of his choosing.

He can operate any spacecraft and helluva fighter, so his services will only solidify the team.

And finally, my final pick to lead the team into a mission and keep them on their toes. A determined comic character that is loved by all readers and his character has made it to the cinema screen. His wealth allows him to invest in his own 'R&D(Research and Development). He can build advanced gadgets, weaponry.

By day he's a playboy billionaire 'Bruce Wayne' and by night, he's pulversing criminals with his fists.

An expert in all forms of martial science. He also has access to the Lazarus Pit, a magical water that can heal a human. Batman has fought many adversaries and come out on top, not once, but, on many occasions.

Bruce Wayne is also a brilliant tactician, detective and extremely astute in his workings. Why Batman to be the team leader? Because, who saves the day, he does, carefully planning all his strategic moves in advance. He has faced the gauntlet several years ago by Black Mask, who placed a $50 million bounty on his head and Batman faced off the world's deadliest assassins and won.

He reclaimed his city of Gotham. His adversaries paid homage to him for his unflinching bravery. The dark knight lurks in the darken streets, alleways and walks the rooftops. His presence frightens the mutants and mortals.

A leader is required and the government needs Batman. It is set in the future of 2099.

Thank you for reading my blog.


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