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We're less than two months away from the second season of The Flash, and today the CW treated us to this amazing new promo poster showing yet another speedster coming to the Flash universe!

As you can see, this "Flash of Two Worlds" poster is actually an incredible live action re-make of a comic book cover: The Flash Issue 123, from 1961. It's amazing to see the show paying homage to the comics that started it all, but that's not all that this new image is doing.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Flash Season One

First Look At Jay Garrick

First and foremost, the poster gives us our first real look at Jay Garrick, played by Teddy Sears. New to the show, Jay Garrick was teased in the Season One finale, as his helmet came flying out of the wormhole into Star Labs. Now that Barry is potentially going through the wormhole in the other direction, it looks like he's about to meet Jay on the other side.

From the looks of the poster, the Garrick that we'll be seeing on the CW will be very close to the comic books in terms of appearance, from the winged silver helmet to the red sweater and jeans. We'll have to wait and see what else is taken directly from the source material, but this is definitely a good start!

The Multiverse

We've known since the finale that we will be seeing alternate universes in season 2, and there couldn't be a clearer confirmation than showing Jay Garrick and the Two Worlds cover.

As Grant Gustin explained to TV Guide back in May, Season 2 is going to start playing with multiple different timelines and universes.

"What's fun about this show is that there's going to be multiple timelines as we move forward. I think we're going to start showing Earth-One and Earth-Two in the near future. There will be kind of different dimensions going on."

In the comic of that same name, Barry Allen finds himself very suddenly transported to a parallel universe Earth, where he meets the retired Flash, Jay Garrick. Together, the two of them do a little light crimefighting, Jay comes out of retirement, and Barry heads home. Essentially, the issue exists to establish the idea of the multiverse in the Flash comics, and I have no doubt that it is serving the same purpose here.

What we don't yet know is how these timelines will work out for the show. Too many, and it could simply become a muddle, alienating viewers in its complexity. I feel that this poster could be suggesting that, like The Flash of Two Worlds comic, Barry will spend a little time on Earth Two before returning home to business as usual.

Who's That Girl

One extremely minor change from the original cover to the new promo is the figure in the foreground. In the original, we see a male figure calling for help from the Flash(es), while the new poster shows a woman.

On first glance, this actually looks like it could be Felicity - the style and the hair color fit, and she's a relatively major part of Barry's life. However, this doesn't actually make much sense; Felicity was nowhere near Central City when the wormhole opened, having ridden off into the sunset with Oliver Queen at the end of Arrow's Season Three. This also presumably wouldn't be an Earth Two version of the character, as it's not that straightforward of a parallel universe.

It could simply be a random woman, and have no impact on the storyline, but it seems unlikely that the show would make such a major change to the cover for no apparent reason. Another minor possibility is that this is the Supergirl "promotional crossover" that was revealed earlier this week, but given that this poster is directly related to the series, I doubt it.

The most likely candidate? Patty Spivot. It's been confirmed that Shantel VanSanten will be playing the role in season two, and she has a very similar look to the woman in the poster (from what we can see, anyway). Patty Spivot will be the newest love interest for Barry, and she was his assistant and girlfriend in the comic books. Could this be our first look at her, as well as Jay Garrick?

The City Is Burning

Another difference between the covers is in the background images. The original features a falling girder and a smoking city, while the newer one is girder-free, but the city is on fire.

The Flash has had a clear color scheme in the promo from the get-go, and the red and yellow palate is carried over here, fitting perfectly with the flaming city. The girder, meanwhile, would simply take too much of the focus from the two Flashes. Similarly, the DC Comics logo has been replaced with a 10c price - presumably for legal reasons.

It's possible that there is some other meaning behind these changes, but I'm going out on a limb to suggest that they were made for design purposes only.

Dare To Defy

This last, tiny, detail is in the lower right hand corner of the poster, underneath the description of "The Flash of Two Worlds". The CW logo is there for obvious reasons (it IS promotional material, after all!), but what's the meaning of the phrase "Dare to Defy" beside it?

I hate to disappoint, but it's not actual a cryptic message about the plot for season two, but simply the tagline for the CW's fall season. Check out this new video, featuring a rundown of the shows featured on the network in the coming months to see more!

Clearly, the creative minds at the CW were working overtime to come up with this incredible poster image, absolutely brimming with hints about the coming season.

There's far more not included here, such as the introduction of Wally West, a new partner for Joe West, and the potential to see Caitlyn Snow as Killer Frost, but with a show as fast-paced as this (pun very much intended), there's no way to cram it all in.

The Flash returns for season 2 October 6th on CW.


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