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Despite being one of the few characters in Arrow who is not a masked superhero, Felicity Smoak has been a fan favorite since season one.

After three seasons of trials and tribulations as a key member of Team Arrow, it seems that the adorably awkward tech genius is now getting some extra recognition in the form a brand new Pop Vinyl figure!

Today, Funko announced that Felicity would be in the second wave of Arrow Pops with this tweet and concept art.

She's looking absolutely fantastic, although I'm not too sure about that outfit - Felicity is known for her incredible style and bright dresses, and this may not be the best ensemble to immortalize her in! I'm also hoping that they keep her industrial piercing in the Pop, as it's very much a part of her quirky look. However, those glasses and her classic ponytail are perfect, and I love how she is carrying a laptop.

Many fans were frustrated that she wasn't included in the initial line, which featured Oliver Queen, The Arrow, The Arrow Unmasked, Deathstroke, Deathstroke Unmasked, John Diggle and Black Canary. Looks like they'll be much happier with this second series, and there will be many a Pop Olicity sitting on desks across the country!

Funko hasn't announced who else we may see in the new line, but I would assume that it will include Thea Queen/Speedy and Malcolm Merlyn alongside Felicity. Other possibilities include Arsenal (although he has now left the show), Ra's Al Ghul, Nyssa Al Ghul, and another take on Oliver Queen himself (possibly in the newly revealed Green Arrow suit?!)

One character that I don't think will be joining the series will be Ray Palmer/ATOM. Despite being a fairly major character in the show, I have a feeling that he will be appearing in a different line of figures altogether for the new spin off show Legends of Tomorrow.

Whoever else does appear, I'm thrilled to see Felicity joining the Pop Vinyl ranks, and she'll be added to my collection as soon as Funko announces the release date for the new Arrow series.


Will you be buying the Felicity Pop Vinyl?


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