ByHathaway Christensen, writer at

The last two books I read written by Larson,"In The Garden Of Beasts," and "Thunderstruck " made him one of my favorite authors. His accurate and gripping detail of factual events is stunning.

I rarely watch T.V.,or see movies,but I'm going to make a exception when this comes to theatures. I'm already anticipating DiCaprio transforming into the character of H.H. Holmes,and Scorsese taking the audience back to a era of the industrial revolution.

I think what is going to make this movie one of DiCaprio's greats is capturing the true reflection of Holmes himself. Serial killers through out history have been studied,analysed, and yet never fully understood. There is no one diagnosis, or reason behind every serial killers impulse for murder.

Sometimes in this world monsters are born. I hope DiCaprio gives a glimpse that these monsters are not made,but come into this world predispositioned. They often are regular people who live normal lives,but have something inside them so dark,and misunderstood. Holmes admitted he loved the kill. I want to see that part of the character. I hope this movie is raw,and accurate,yet done in a way where you are in that place,and time with DiCaprio watching H.H. Holmes come alive.


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