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Writer and director Eli Roth has managed to carve out a niche in the world of horror that is all his own. Roth made a name for himself in 2005 with his nightmare vacation flick Hostel, in which he established a no-holds-barred style of visceral filmmaking. He took the implied violence that is found in most thrillers and made the horror visually terrifying.

The Green Inferno from Eli Roth
The Green Inferno from Eli Roth

Roth's unique brand of thrills, comedy, and horror sensibilities, recall Grindhouse and exploitation films of the past. And with each film, it seems to enjoy poking the bear of decency a little bit harder every time out. His movies often push the limits of what is acceptable and it seems that Roth is at it again with his newest film, The Green Inferno. The movie is about a group of activists who travel to the Amazon to study the indigenous life. However, when their plane crashes, they are taken hostage by a group of cannibalistic natives... who all seem very hungry from the looks in their eyes.

Earlier, Roth made a special announcement to his fans via Facebook. In an effort to reward his hardcore following, Roth is taking his film on a five-city Fan Appreciation Tour. He will stopping in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City to screen his upcoming horror film, The Green Inferno, with some of his most hardcore fans. How cool is that? Roth has developed a persona that is almost as engaging as his films, much like Quentin Tarantino or Kevin Smith. So if he is coming to your city, there is no better way to watch the movie than with its creator! Check out his announcement for yourself!

HUGE NEWS! Eli Roth is taking on the road for a Fan Appreciation Tour! Special screenings, Q&As, and receptions in 5 CITIES.

The Green Inferno opens September 25th, 2015


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