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After releasing my ASM article, I didn't expect to get too many reads. But, I got well over a thousand! I was totally shocked, but I also want to thank Moviepilot University for helping me hone my writing skills before I continue! Thanks, guys!

Thumbs up!
Thumbs up!

Now, I recieved good comments and bad comments, both expected. The usual "I totally agree" or "Nope, this sucks!" or even just "I disagree." But, I didn't expect to recieve a comment for a petition for ASM3 to be greenlighted.

Now, being a little skeptical, I didn't expect this petition to get at least more than 70 signatures. So, I went ahead and looked it over, it had at least somewhere between 14-100 signatures. No biggie. But, the little fanboy inside of me shouted "SIGN IT! IT COULD BE YOUR LAST HOPE TO SEE ANDREW AS SPIDER-MAN AGAIN!"

Signing it, I felt like I showed support as a big ASM fan and a big Andrew Garfield fan. I felt like the petition could go somewhere, but I didn't think it would until I checked recently and...

The petition has reached over 1,000 signatures!!

I am completely shocked that this would happen, especially after the Andrew Garfield one, I thought all ASM fans had given up. While I was somewhat looking forward to MCU's Spidey, I still want to see a conclusion to Andrew's Spidey, whether it's a short or full length film. I'm a big supporter of this petition and the whole cast and crew of the ASM series, and I love what they have done with the films and the character of Spidey and I believe Andrew played the character perfectly.

Sign here to show your support, and thanks to the wonderful Marcie Lucas for starting this petition!


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