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Superman will die in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. There, I said it; he will die in the upcoming movie hitting theaters in 2016. There has been speculation and rumors that Superman will meet his demise in the movie, but my article will explain to you why he will die in the film but will ultimately make an epic return.

The Story Calls For it

The story in Batman v. Superman is one involving heavy themes and consequences. The battle of Metropolis with Zod it left half of the city devastated, surrounded in destruction and death. In Dawn of Justice, Superman will be paying for those actions by answering to the government for the destruction of Metropolis. The world is split regarding Superman; some think him a God and savior who is here to do good in their world, while others think him a devil and believe if he had never came down to Earth, Zod and his soldiers would never have come down, and the subsequent destruction of Metropolis would never had happened. Superman will be conflicted in Dawn of Justice about what to do and how he should respond. Will he become the beacon of hope that his father intended him to be? Or will he possibly stop trying to save the world and let the humans figure it out on their own?


Rumors are suggesting that the famous Superman villain, most well-known for killing the Man of Steel himself, is none other than the monstrous killer Doomsday. Speculation and theories are suggesting that Lex Luthor experiments on Zod's body and triggers a Doomsday genome that will reanimate Zod's body into Doomsday. If Doosmday is in Batman vs. Superman, signs are pointing to Superman possibly dying in the battle with Doomsday. Doomsday is a very big villain for anybody to handle and fighting him could end up costing you your life. Stopping Doomsday from destroying mankind might end with someone making the ultimate sacrifice.

Superman's Ultimate Redemption

I think that during the battle with Doomsday, Superman will die in Batman vs. Superman. Zack Snyder has always been criticized for failing to connect with the audiences emotionally in his storytelling. Well, what if Zack pulls this off, having Superman redeem himself for the battle of Metropolis by sacrificing himself in battle and ultimately saving mankind from Doomsday in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice? His "death" will prove to humanity that Superman was a good person and that he was here to do the right thing on Earth, defending it no matter the cost. With the right buildup, audience members will be taken aback by this approach and will be more emotionally involved by the death of Superman.

Return in the Justice League film

How epic would it be to see Superman return in the Justice League movie on the big screen? Seeing him in the light, making those footsteps just as he did in Man of Steel to fight for freedom and justice. Superman returning in the Justice League film coming in 2017 screams nothing but epicness to me, and I know audience members would be moved seeing the greatest superhero of all time return to the big screen in suitably epic fashion. Superman will come back and will finally become the Superman we all know and love, fulfilling the role of the beacon of hope his father always intended him to be. He will lead mankind and the other members of the Justice League into the sun. He will become Superman.

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