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[X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) has a 50/50 chance right now. It could either be even more amazing than Days of Future Past or it could be Fantastic 4 levels of failure and since most of the X-Men franchise has been mediocre, I have my worries.

One of the main reasons that I don't like many of the X-Men movies and why Fox performed a soft-reboot for the series with Days of Future Past is because the series was littered with SO many plot holes that it was down right cringe worthy. And I hate to point it out but I've already found a plot hole in the upcoming 2016 movie.

The movie takes place in the eighties where we'll see mutants like Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Nightcrawler assemble under Xavier. Well a certain mutant is joining the film, a classic character that most remember fondly from X-Men the Animated Series in the 90s: Jubilation Lee AKA Jubilee, While I am ecstatic to see this character on the big screen, it is my misfortune to tell you that we've already seen this character in the franchise: in X2: X-Men United.

In the last act of the movie, the X-Men Storm and Nightcrawler are searching William Stryker's base for six missing mutant children. When they find them, the eldest girl, who is Asian, calls out to Storm and Storm replies by calling out her name,

"Huh...that's a big plothole."
"Huh...that's a big plothole."

Oh dear...this is a problem. Now it wouldn't be if X-2 took place in the 1980s but unfortunately it didn't, it was 2003 and like I said, Jubilee was a child, a fourteen year old at the most.

Also this character MIGHT have appeared in the first movie talking with Kitty Pryde.

"Why are we in this movie? Pointless cameo? Okay."
"Why are we in this movie? Pointless cameo? Okay."

Now we never hear her name but judging by that yellow jacket and sunglasses she's wearing, I'm just going to assume that it is Jubilee.

So is this one a plot hole that Fox expects us to just overlook? Because how can the altered timeline cause Jubilee to be born in the seventies instead of the eighties?

An even better question is: Will YOU overlook this plot hole or will it be bugging you when you see X-Men Apocalypse? Let me know in the comments below!

Just because, let's end this article in an awesome way! Kick it amazing 90s theme song!


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