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Oh boy…where to begin, right?

Ok, so this episode is dedicated to Goku meeting Lord Beerus for the first time and, as you know, learns just how powerful he can be. Once again, if you’ve seen Battle of Gods, you know that Goku goes all the way to Super Saiyan 3 to fight Beerus. The fight didn’t last more than a couple minutes, but seeing it for the first time was amazing. Sadly, the same result isn’t revived well in episode 5 of Dragon Ball Super. Remember that I wrote in the review for episode 4 that I was yet to use the word “crappy” to describe the show so far? Well…

This episode was crappy. The execution of the animation in the halfway point was just atrocious. People give Toriyama grief for inconsistency art in the manga that made its way into the show, but here? In 2015? The animation in 1996 was far superior to what was presented here. As if there was a lack of a budget to make it and the people behind it were just some individuals who did in over the weekend to post it on YouTube just to get attention. Not to insult the talented people on that site, but we’re supposed to be dealing with professional animators, right? I’ll show you some examples below.

Now of course, they extend the fight. Goku battles against Beerus in regular Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2 and of course, SS3, down to multiple Kamehameha blasts. The saving grace really for this episode is just wathing Goku failing miserably, again, and seeing Beerus toy around while Whis just sits in the background contemplating if he should finish his bento. My other negative would have to also go to King Kai’s Japanese voice actor. His vocals just don’t match some of the character’s expressions. It’s mostly a singular tone of speech for everything.

Overall, the not the prettiest episode to look at this time around. Next episode comes out on August 16th. Beerus will come face to face with Vegeta. Let’s see what changes they make and if the animation will suffer the same fate.

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