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I believe I have found a perfect group of superheroes capable of tackling any apocalyptic event that comes their way. It contains a great leader, great power, great strategic and logical members. I would trust these heroes with my life.

Alright here they are:

Captain: Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead

Rick is known for his quick thinking in hard situations and his undoubtedly natural leadership. He would make a great leader to almost any group, and he's experienced in apocalypse warfare. Rick also has great strategy, along with his ability to observe his surroundings.

1st choice: neo from the matrix

Neo, a freaking unstoppable chosen one, what else needs to be said? So he's a must for an unbeatable superhero team.

2nd choice: Marvel's incredible hulk

The hulk has unlimited strength in his uncontrollable rage. He could quite possibly defend the world from any disaster single-handedly. After all:

Hulk is the strongest there is!

3rd choice: Deadpool

And of course you can never go wrong with deadpool. Known mostly for outrageous humor and smart remarks deadpool also is a great asset due to his crazy good gun and sword skills and fast reflexes. Plus everybody loves him.

In conclusion, I would very much enjoy watching deadpool with these group of guys trying to save the world.


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