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Offices, families and groups of friends across the world are preparing their pools, gathering their pals and co-workers and their money, and getting ready for the most nail-biting, suspenseful, popular part of the year. They make their picks, put their money where their mouths are, and hope they come out on top.

Fantasy football? What the heck is that? I'm talking about The Walking Dead death pools, baby!

With Fear the Walking Dead fast approaching on the 23rd, and then 6 episodes and a few weeks later, The Walking Dead season 6, you can't help but binge watch youtube clips of TWD, episodes, and google the show every day to see what new news is out.

Some of my favorite clips to watch involve the main man, Rick Grimes, whuppin ass and not worrying about taking their names. From season 1, episode 1, till now, the guy has transformed so much each season, and now seems to be more brutal than any bad guy or zombie he confronts.

So if writing this is just an excuse to let me rewatch some of my favorite Rick Grimes moments, then so be it!

Let's take a walk through Rick's evolution from a good cop who was just coming to grips with a world gone crazy, to a flat out badass!

Season 1

Already aware of walkers, thanks to Morgan and Duane, Rick knows what has to be done to put walkers down for good. He doesn't quite like it yet, but he still does it. From the moment he puts a bullet in this little girl's brain:

To when he mercifully puts down this crawler:

Who knew about this video until now? NOT ME! Awesome sadness!

And another mercy kill, for Leon Basset:

That's just the start!

Season 2

In season 2, he shows us he can kill the living just as quick as the dead, when it's needed:

In one of the most emotional scenes in the entire series, he puts little Sophia down:

But in what was probably one of his biggest turning points from good to badass, when he had to kill his best (living) friend Shane:

He still has that compassion, but you begin to see it slowly give way to the brutal, uncompromising Rick we see now.

Season 3

Season 3 shows us "Shit Happens....WACK" Rick:

We start to see just how crazy humanity has become by season 3, with the governor. The asshole chops Hershel's head off, even after that awesome, comPASSIONate speech that Rick gave. That was one more thing that ate away at Rick's disappearing give-a-damn about the human race.

Season 4

In this season, Daryl and ourselves are introduced to Joe's gang. Rick demonstrates a reverse heimlich maneuver on one of his guys, in the pooper, no less:

But it wasn't until one of his gang was about to rape Carl that we saw just what Rick was made of, and by chance, what Joe's neck was made of:

And how he did to Dan with Joe's knife what Dan was planning to do to Carl with Little Dan.

We now have The Beard, and it's full of Joe's blood. It's pretty much nonstop from there, with Rick getting more and more vicious while keeping his family safe.

Season 5

Season 5 kicked things off right with The Beard, and something we've all come to love, The Rick Head Tilt. You know, that thing Rick does when he's getting ready to snap. He did it during the fight with Joe's gang, and he does it as the throats start getting slashed in episode 1 of the fifth season. The Beard...The Head Tilt...all of Terminus never stood a chance:

And it ends badly for these two Termites:

"Hey! Look at me! GACK!" Love it!

Fast forward to Gareth's last episode, where the Termites have Rick's family cornered in Gabriel's church. Rick takes out the two at the door from the darkness, and Gareth actually tells the guy with the gun that he'll kill his family if he--and can't finish his sentence without his fingers:

Rick keeps his promises! And they slaughter the HELL out of them, in the middle of a church, no less. Bad guys 0, Rick 2,441.

By now, it looks like Rick's compassion for anyone except his son, daughter, and his group has completely gone out the window. Except for Beth's death scene:

Daryl dispatches Dawn, and Rick and him could have wiped the rest of the hospital folk off the face of the map, but they didn't. Dawn was the problem for both groups, and now that she was gone, they all could part ways. It was going to happen differently, according to this recently released clip where Rick says they'll kill them all if it goes bad:

There's that compassion that you thought had died.

During their time in Alexandria, you begin to wonder if it truly is gone, thought, with Rick threatening to take the town, and threatening everyone, even the trees and street signs here:

It goes on until the season 5 finale, where Rick delivers his speech after walkers get in the town. Pete interrupts, and Rick stands back, as though he knows what's going to happen. Not really how, but he knows drunk stupid Pete is going to act drunk and stupid, and Rick will get to put him down. It all happens so fast, Rick doesn't even have time to get The Tilt in:

The look on Morgan's face when he sees his old friend, and just how far Rick has gone to protect himself and his family, will make for a VERY good season 6.

Will Rick keep going down this ruthless spiral? Or will Morgan (and Jessie...oh yeah) help him find his way back? Whatever happens, I hope he gets to kill the leader of the wolves before he finds his lost compassion marbles and forgets how to be a badass. Because, this town, and the world, well...

Tune in October 11th for The Walking Dead, and get warmed up with 6 episodes of Fear the Walking Dead, starting August 23rd on AMC!


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