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David Mcglade

Team captain- Yoda.

The reason that Yoda is so necessary for the team and esspicially as captain is that not only is he very motivational but his powers and abilities are match by near on no one.

This Jedi master can look for a peaceful solution but if non can be found then he is more than capable to throw down with either lightsaber or bare hands.

Second pick - The Flash

The flash is my favourite superhero and second pick for the team. His speed brings something that unfortunatly Yoda nor many other characters can bring to a team. Barry Allan is also very intelligent which makes him a great asset to have because sometimes hulk smash is not always the way to go although it usually does a good job. Also he can heal faster than normal which brings me to my next pick.

Third pick - Wolverine.

As I mentioned in the flashes write up healing ability is a pretty fantastic thing to have and as far as healing is concerned this guy takes the cake, now a lot of people have been speaking about having deadpool on their team but seeing as I'm an Aussie and so is Hugh Jackman and wolverine is just down right badass I have to go with him.

His abilities are outrageous adamantium bones and claws, healing ability samurai training and badass attitude you just can't go wrong.

Final pick - Ellen Ripley

Now a lot of people may look at my team and then see Ellen Ripley and saw WTF but please let me explain.

Anyboy can have a hulk, a god or a super human, but what I wanted was not just an spectacular woman on the team (one that now has some alien DNA in her) but a women that is smart, strong, able to use nearly any tool or weapon you put in front of her but also has the ability to get out of tight and sticky situations and who better to have the Ripley.

Team Vida ( which is life in Spanish ) looks to protect life look for the best way to avoid battle in necessary but will do what ever it takes to protect this planet or any planet that needs protection and stop anyone or thing looking to destroy life.


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