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With the great success of CW's 'The Flash' season one, delivering CW's biggest ratings; the writers behind it decided that things were going too 'slow' (my brain still hurts) and have decided to boost thing considerably. With a new suit on the horizon and Barry's journey into the unknown at the end off he season finale; results have been produced fast enough to make people excited enough for all DC fans.

With 2 speedsters not enough to satisfy showrunners, Keiyan Lonsdale has been cast as Wally West, the kid flash. And Ted Sears has now been called upon to play as Jay Garrick, the original Golden Age speedster, member of the Justice Society and one-time mentor of Barry Allen. Hey, with Harrison Wells (or Eobard Thawne) not there to teach Barry more about his powers and the Speed Force, he might even mentor Wally!

Now, before we go any further, take a look at the image released on the show's Twitter page. It shows the cover art for 'The Flash' #123 (1961) and the recreation. The issue shows how when Barry broke through the line between his Earth and Earth-2 where Jay Garrick returned far more than just a myth.

Get ready for worlds to collide when Jay Garrick arrives on ! @teddysears @grantgust— The Flash (@CW_TheFlash) August 11, 2015

This may mean that all the other Golden Age heroes could have plans to take the DC television universe by storm!

Barry Allen returns with season two of the 'The Flash' on October 6th, 2015 at 8pm on the CW.


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