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I have said this before in a previous article, but many of you may not have read it...but...what a glorious time we live in. In all seriousness, as a geek, it's a huge luxury for us be alive right now. The technology available to film makers right now allows for our favorite heroes to be portrayed on the "silver screen" ( it's not silver anymore.....but it used to be......factual tidbit for you there )....which is crazy. Thirty years ago we had to paint a muscular guy green and say " There's your Hulk!" Batman had Bat-Shark repellent over forty years ago, and the movie-going public took it and loved it. Things were silly, and they had to be. The techniques, standards and fiction at the time hardly allowed for anything else.

But look at where we are now. In your cynical hearts, in your hopeful souls, you clamor, you hope for the best possible translation of your heroes to film, and you have a right to do so, as now is the best possible time feel as you do. But I need to tell you something. Your expectations, your hopes..... will always be crushed. You will never be completely happy with the film realization of your favorite comic book heroes.


Because your favorite comics had different writers. Different artists. Different timelines. Films have to distill decades of time and storytelling and art and social sensibility into one coherent story line at a time.

You. Are. Screwed.

No one is ever going to get it "perfect".

And I have news for you. Even your most hated comic book films get some things right. It's crazy, I know, but it's true. Even your favorite films get some things horribly wrong. It is what it is.....but never are seeing your heroes on screen. Almost 20 years ago....that was impossible....and the notion of creating a comic-to-film translation is a daunting task. Between the history and the can often be overwhelming.

This is the introduction to the first of several articles that will make an effort to go into the many comic book movies that have been released and try to figure out what it good. What is bad. What is simply mediocre. And what is simply......sad.

Who am I to do such a thing? I'm a fan. A hard core fan. Of movies, literature, and comics. I've had my own online comic. I've had pieces in art galleries. I've worked on the sets in indie films. In short....I am a nobody. But I have some perspective. Whether or not you wish to agree with me is entirely up to you. But............

Here we go. This is your introduction. The first films to be dissected?

I remember seeing this image for the first time.
I remember seeing this image for the first time.

The X-men Franchise.

See you soon.


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