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Matthew Chapman

Explorer Sir Malcolm Murray, American gunslinger Ethan Chandler and medium Vanessa Ives unite to combat supernatural threats in Victorian London.

I was really excited about this show but now that I’ve watched, I’m kind of disappointed.

The first two episodes had me hooked but then as every episode went by, I was loosing interest until the last episode of the season.

The cast is brilliant from the well known ( Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, Billie Piper and Eva Green) to the not so (Reeve Carney, Rory Kinnear, Harry Treadaway and Danny Sapani), but I did feel that some of the characters were under developed except for the three main ones, who this season at least had a lot of story time.

It’s has all the look of a classic BBC drama but dark, gritty and grimy with absolutely brilliant sets and costumes.

There is some gore but gladly there is no cheap horror scenes, it’s all for the story, and no jump out of your skin scares. There is heaps of full frontal nudity, both male and female, sex scenes, swearing and even some pretty graphic and horrible animal cruelty scenes.

I felt kind of cheated by the finale of the Mina storyline; we spent all season talking about it, to be dealt with in a couple of minutes in the last episode.

It has my interest enough that I still want to watch Season Two, but I don’t see the need to watch this season again.


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