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OK, this probably says more about my status as a 90's kid than anything else ever could but I can count on you guys not to judge me; my favorite movie is Mortal Kombat. Sure, I've seen thousands of incredible movies since 1995, but none have brought me that same simple childhood joy.

For all you other kids that watched and rewatched Mortal Kombat two decades ago, check out what the cast of this FLAWLESS VICTORY of a movie look like 20 years later!

Liu Kang

He's the hero of the story and the chosen defender of Earthrealm (well, with muscles like that, our world is in pretty safe hands...)

Remember When He Said... 'I am Liu Kang, descendent of Kung Lao. I challenge you to Mortal Kombat.'

Actor: Robin Shou

Shou starred in Death Race and made an awesome pirate in the Dead or Alive movie. Oh, and dude's 55! I hope I look that great at his age!

Shang Tsung

Of course, you cannot have the light without the darkness - evil sorceror Shang Tsung is a vital part of Outworld! No wonder he looks good - this guy steals souls for a living.

Remember When He Said... 'Your soul is MINE!'

Actor: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

65-year-old Tagawa has been in over a hundred movies, including Tekken, Pearl Harbor, Elektra and 47 Ronin. He's also a trained sports physiologist and is more badass than any of us will ever be...

Sonya Blade

Ahh, Sonya Blade. This woman is Pink Power Ranger-level childhood crush for me! She was the voice of reason and knew how to swing her punches.

Remember When She Said... 'Let's just think this through. There IS a rational explanation for all this.'

Actor: Bridgette Wilson

Wilson appeared in Billy Madison, House on Haunted Hill and The Wedding Planner. I never realized this before, but she's married to Tennis ace Pete Sampras!

Johnny Cage

Yeah, he's a wise-cracking cheeseball but that's why we love him! Johnny Cage is a massive part of Mortal Kombat canon.

Remember When He Said... 'Those were $500 sunglasses, asshole.'

Actor: Linden Ashby

Ashby remains a successful actor, appearing in Teen Wolf, Iron Man 3 and Resident Evil: Extinction. Well, why limit yourself to one smash hit video game movie franchise, eh?


The mysterious Edenian princess always seems to appear in the nick of time, saving blundering mortals from certain death at the hands of Outworld's deadliest warriors.

Remember When She Said... 'Use the element which brings life.'

Actor: Talisa Soto

Model and actress Soto was discovered at 15 for fashion modeling before her movie career, recently working with Neill Blomkamp on Elysium. She has won numerous 'Most Beautiful' list rankings in magazines such as People and Maxim.


Kano is the enormous Aussie butthead we love to hate, finally getting what he deserves at the hands (well, legs actually!) of arch-rival Sonya Blade.

Remember When He Said... 'Come on, give me a break!'

Actor: Trevor Goddard

English actor Trevor appeared in Gone in Sixty Seconds and Men Of War, making his last screen appearance in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. He died in of a drug overdose in 2003.

Lord Rayden

Lord Rayden is responsible for ushering the fighters to the tournament and impressing upon them the importance of their task. He also has super cool lightning eyes.

Remember When He Said... 'The fate of billions depends upon you. Heh, heh, heh... sorry.'

Actor: Christopher Lambert

Veteran actor Lambert (pronounced 'Lamb-bear' as he's French) has appeared in a bunch of action movies since Mortal Kombat and Highlander. He also produces his own mineral water and Côtes-du-Rhône wine.


Aw man... such a brave little guy. Ill-fated from the start, Chan - who is actually called Chow in the games - is a vital part of Liu Kang's motivation and spirit.

Remember When He Said... 'Go in peace, my brother.'

Actor: Steven Ho

Ho has done stunt work for many movies, taught Britney to fight in her video for Hold It Against Me, appeared regularly with Conan O'Brien and even sold out his own stand-up comedy show.

I know what you're thinking - what about Scorpion and Sub-Zero, the deadliest of enemies? Or Reptile? Well, they wear massive great masks over their faces the whole time so I felt the comparison might be a little pointless!

Still, no reason not to relive one of their greatest moments... Shit gets real around 00:50.

If you wanna check out a fan casting for the upcoming Mortal Kombat live action reboot movie, see my picks here (feel free to disagree!)


Is Mortal Kombat your favorite video game movie?

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