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A tragic documentary detailing the life and times of the late actor Heath Ledger, entitled Too Young To Die, has revealed that the screen-stealing star of The Dark Knight was convinced that he would die an early death; a prophecy that, heartbreakingly, came true.

Kim Ledger, Heath's father, emotionally recalls his son's fate-tempting words while packing up his Heath's greatest achievement that he never got to enjoy: the posthumously awarded Oscar for his spellbinding performance as the Joker.

Heath, incredibly, may have predicted his own premature death, but that didn't mean the bright young star wasn't set on squeezing out every bit of joy life had to offer before that sorrowful day.

"That was his destiny."

Indeed, the ambitious Australian wasted no time pursuing his dream to become an actor. Just days after he passed his driving test, the 17 year-old packed up his car and drove 2,500 miles across Australia, arriving in Sydney where he would begin auditioning for roles.

By 28 he had become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, he'd had a child, began directing his own movies, produced music videos, and won countless awards. Not a soul could blame him for having ever rested on his laurels.

It was this unrelenting energy and ever adventurous free spirit that his friends and family celebrated after his funeral, running down to his favorite beach for an impromptu swim; a carefree gesture Heath himself would have heartily approved of. If he were still with us, you can be sure he'd have joined them all in the water.

But despite the fact he was taken from this world far too soon, Ledger lived every moment like it was his last. As his father said:

He had to cram an awful lot of life into those 28 years if that was the case. It almost seemed like he was doing just that."



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