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Lo' and behold because it seems as if the Disney gods have finally smiled down upon us.

And, what is this wondrous miracle, you say? Well, it has occurred in the most unlikely of places - your average cup of iced coffee.

Oh yes, a Japanese coffee deviant was reportedly left dumbstruck when they encountered a Disney princess floating about in their regular brew. Naturally overcome with unparalleled excitement, Twitter user @niiiiiifaaaaa shared the magical moment with her followers, and it soon went viral.

So, here it comes! Coffee drinkers, take a deep breath and prepare to meet your queen:

The Tweet read:

“It looks like a Disney princess is in my iced coffee.”

And it sure does! I mean look, she's got it all - including the stunning ballgown and the perfectly coiffed hair-do.

I mean, if you can't see the very obvious resemblance of the ice-cube to a dressed-up Cinderella lolloping away from her Prince Charming as the clock strikes midnight , you clearly need your eyes checking!

Sadly, I expect the Disney beauty soon melted in the unforgiving summer heat and was no more. Yet, like with all wonderful things in life, I'm sure her fleeting moments were enjoyed by the coffee drinker while they lasted.

The phenomenon of finding images in food

As you're probably aware, the fascinating encounter with other-worldly images is quite a common occurrence in food. We only have to think back to the countless times the media has prompted us to look on in amazement at Jesus or the Virgin Mary appearing on a stale pretzel or afternoon snack.

So, in lieu of this, let's take this moment to remind ourselves at what miraculous outlines have caused a stir in recent times:

1. When Christ appeared on a deliciously burnt sour cream and onion potato chip

2. When 80-year-old Ernesto Garza saw Jesus whilst digging into his daily breakfast taco

3. When He once again proved to be a banana miracle

4. When David Howlett found Christ whilst munching on his naan bread at an Indian restaurant

Or my personal favorite:

5. When Kelly Ramey was convinced this Cheeto was most certainly, and without a doubt, Jesus Christ

I mean, the resemblance is uncanny, I'll give her that!

For more of these amazing miracles, take a look at this wonderfully put together Buzzfeed article of people who have found Christ in their food. 22 people surely can't be wrong, right?



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