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Even with The Little Mermaid teaching us how great it is to be 'Under The Sea,' it is hard to forget Jaws. This notorious sharp-toothed film brought an unshakeable fear of sharks to the world after its release back in 1975. There is that saying "it's only a movie," but this killer from the horror film is very much real. On top of all the other sharks out in the oceans that we are already afraid of, the biggest shark ever has just been discovered.

The incredible footage was filmed at Mexico’s Guadalupe Island, the seasonal home of dozens of Great White sharks.

This island has become very popular for shark divers. This ginormous new shark has been nicknamed "Deep Blue" and was filmed by Mauricio Hoyos Padilla.

"I give you the biggest white shark ever seen in front of the cages in Guadalupe Island....DEEP BLUE!!!"

(Not to be confused with Bear in the Big Blue House)

Sharks need love too!

Well, this guy is going to be a legend when he retells the time he casually high-fived a freakin' shark!

It looks like the shark has had enough of getting petted for one day

This incredible creature is an astonishing 20-plus feet in length and is believed to be around 50 years old. Deep Blue would just laugh at the comparatively puny size of the sharks from Jaws.

Here is an incredible video of this epic shark posted by Mauricio Hoyos Padilla

Seeing is believing, right?

Just take a look at those teeth!

Is anyone else just hearing the Jaws theme tune here?

What drives Mauricio to get so close to these ocean predators?

He is part of a a non-profit organization called Pelagios-Kakunjá, which seeks to:

"Understand movements and migratory patterns of marine top predators. We aim to generate baseline information for the regional management and implementation of conservation strategies for sharks and other top marine predators in the Mexican Pacific."

How did he react when he saw Deep Blue the shark?

"When I saw Deep Blue for the first time, there was just one thought in my mind: HOPE. A shark of that size is at least 50 years old and that tells me protection and conservation efforts are really working. Deep Blue has been spared from longlines and the inherent dangers of being in the wild, and somehow she has found her way in the vast ocean."

Amazingly, even with their bad reputation it seems that these huge and beautiful sharks are just as curious of humans as we are of them. Although, I would be hesitant to get too close to these sharp toothed guys in case they decides to take an extra bite out of curiosity. Plus, after watching Jaws I think I am forever traumatized and will leave the shark dives to the experts.


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