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Apart from the fact that she's absolutely stunning, incredibly talented, and has graced our screens since she was a little kid, how much do you REALLY know about Scarlett Johansson?

The actress is notoriously private about her personal life so I'm sure you'll be surprised when you learn the following 22 facts:

1. She attended the renowned Manhattan Professional Children's School

Amongst its graduates, Scarlett was joined by Carrie Fisher and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

2. She was almost in The Parent Trap

Back in 1998, she lost the lead role to Lindsay Lohan. Just think how different everything could have turned out!

3. She's kills it at karaoke

Her favorite songs to belt out are apparently Fleetwood Mac's 'Second Hand News,' 'Dreams,' and 'Landslide.'

4. Her favorite movie is Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

She also loves the 1996 action film Heat and Goodfellas.

5. She has big dreams of being a Disney Princess

Scar-Jo is all about being involved in a magical musical like Frozen, which she absolutely loved.

She adores Disney so much in fact, she even celebrated her 20th birthday at Disneyland.

6. Scarlett was offered the role that went to Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta

7. She auditioned for Jumanji, but the role went to Kristen Dunst instead

Here's her adorable audition tape:

8. Scarlett is terrified of cockroaches!

Apparently, she once woke up with one on her face, and ever since the thought of being around cockroaches makes her want to run for the hills.

9. She's the inspiration for Katy Perry's 'I Kissed A Girl'

And when Scarlett found out, her response was this:

"That's flattering, but my lips are kind of taken."

10. Her twin brother is called Hunter

They were both born on November 22, 1984, but she's technically still the older sister by being born three minutes earlier.

11. Scar-Jo was "too beautiful" for a role

Yep, casting directors eventually didn't pick her for the lead role in Stieg Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo because she was too good looking for the role.

12. She's released two albums, Anywhere I Lay My Head and Break Up

She's described herself as a "stalker fan freak" of Tom Waits, which is why the first 2008 album above is mostly comprised of his covers.

13. One of her good pals is Chris Evans

They've starred in four films together, The Perfect Score, The Nanny Diaries, The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

14. As a little girl, she had crushes on David Bowie and David Hasselhoff

Fair enough.

15. In 2009, she fired her mother as her manager

Her mama had been managing her career since she was 9 years old!

16. She can play the kazoo!

17. Scarlett is a natural red-head

She's also left-handed!

18. She's a passionate smoker

She hasn't been able to kick the habit she started when she was 15. Hopefully she has now that she's had a baby though!

19. She once got bruised after a stripper gave her a lap dance

Yep, you read that right. It was her 21st birthday and she was with her pals and brother.

20. She prepared for her role in Lost in Translation by living on Japan's Hokkaido island

Her then-boyfriend Faiz Ahmad also lived with her.

21. She once fell down and the Internet loved it

So much so, that it began a tirade of viral memes such as this:

And finally...

22. She thinks the nickname 'Scar-Jo' is "awful"

So, let's all take note and call her by her real name from now on, ok?

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