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Michelle Rodriguez is the latest celebrity to put themselves through the piss guzzling, offal snarfing obstacle course that is a weekend with Bear Grylls, and he really pulled out all the stops to give her a potent sample of the rancid taste of the wild.

If you've ever doubted that MRod is a serious badass, then watching her munch through the dinner that nightmares are made of like a trooper will definitely change your mind!

"I have some legitimate piss in here"

When you say the line above, and someone starts immediately talking about dinner, you know there's trouble brewing. In this case, quite literally!

"I can smell that from here!"

"Sorry dude, dehydrated."

Looks delicious!

Mmmmm, unidentifiable meat hunk and piss stew! My favorite!

Nature's Perfume

Looks like it's Michelle's favorite too.


If you've ever wondered what Michelle Rodriguez would look like with mouse legs dangling out of her mouth, you probably need psychiatric help, but the universe has given you your answer.

At least she can wash it down with some nice warm...

Michelle said the mouse tasted like chicken, and from this reaction shot, I'm going to guess that the piss tasted like, well, piss.

Bearly keeping it down

Bear can never say no to urine.

You can check out the whole clip of Michelle Rodriguez on Running Wild with Bear Grylls below:

(Source: Uproxx via Youtube)


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