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Nowadays, marketing teams for movies have to work even harder than before to be innovative and creative setting up their films - especially blockbusters. In the case of the sequel to Jurassic World, Universal has done just that to prime us for the continuation of the best dinosaur franchise of all time. Not that we really needed any more motivation to see the follow-up.

Now that the Indominus Rex has escaped and wreaked havoc all across the park (world?), Masrani Global (Jurassic World's official viral site) has to address the obvious issues they're facing and alleviate the stress this clearly would cause their investors and the human population as a whole.

Here's a fake "memo" that they released to investors about the situation:

This is a really cool idea. It's pretty funny and tongue-in-cheek of the marketing team to come up with this idea that Masrani Global, like many large corporations, has to save face and engage in crisis management here. Are you convinced that Richard Wiesner has everything under control? I wouldn't bet on it, to be honest.

I think one of the first things investors would be alarmed by is the fact that Simon Masrani, the CEO of Masrani Global, is no longer alive to even write this memo. Instead, the COO Wiesner has to handle this. That's clearly pretty disconcerting. I don't know, if I were a rich investor, whether I would still have faith in them.

But yeah, this definitely is getting me excited, mostly because like almost all of the Jurassic Park/World films, there's this level of arrogance we have as humans that they explore. We think we can control these prehistoric massive beasts, but we really can't. So, it's awesome to see the company that is to blame for this posturing and pretending like they're in control.

Great marketing. Okay, now Universal, give us another classic flick and we'll in turn give you all of our money. Sincerely, Jurassic World Fans.



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