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Hey everyone, so this is my second post here - the first one got so many views and nice comments, that I decided to write about my new stuff too!

Asterhythm music video - Rudolf Pap
Asterhythm music video - Rudolf Pap

Last year I moved to London and I was able to work with so many great people. It was a super busy year, - just how you'd expect from London - so I had a lot of materials to choose from, to make a new showreel.

Kombatkatz - upcoming Kickstarter project
Kombatkatz - upcoming Kickstarter project

Until now I've been working completely alone, that means I wouldn't take on big projects, like films or animated series, as animation is a hard work and usually done by big teams. They have people who do keyframes, others inbetweens, some people do the coloring and others do backgrounds.

This didn't scare me off though and since I was very little I was working on my art and never stopped learning new stuff. I really like trying new styles, or combining new techniques, like in my first animated short, Closer.

My main inspiration was old Disney, Cinderella-style, combined with modern VFX.

Closer - animated short by Rudolf Pap
Closer - animated short by Rudolf Pap

Working on my short I drew around 10000 different drawings (I didn't count all the hair I pulled out in the process) so I really had to be careful what projects I can take on, as it can be a very stressful and time-consuming process and next to that you have to pay the bills and I'm talking about London here, so that's not something easy!

But, I don't really mind any of this, as it is my life!

Upcoming project
Upcoming project

In the past year I worked on music videos, openings, I worked for magazines and companies. For some reason a lot of people I was working for, wanted me to make Sailor Moon-like transformations for them (maybe it's gonna be like a constant returning element in my future films :D )

I'm also in talks with the crew of 'Kung Fury' so it's been an amazing year (yes, I would love to make a David Hasselhoff transformation).

I have to mention the fact that I've been working alone doesn't mean I wouldn't want to collaborate with others. It's just how it was until now. I'm very open to collab, I see so many talented artists all the time. Actually right now I'm working on a design process of an upcoming animated series and luckily I get to pick the team members for that (still missing a background maker, just saying).

Anyways, thanks for checking out this article and I hope you like my showreel!

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