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With our universe facing a threat the likes of which has never been seen before, a team of heroes must be formed to stop this threat. Many teams will enter, but only one will win.

The Femme Fatales

Pretty great image...If I do say so myself.
Pretty great image...If I do say so myself.

Team Captain: Tauriel (Hobbit 2 & 3)

Are we not part of this world?
Are we not part of this world?

When I think of a good leader I think of someone who is willing to take risks.

1. Tauriel turned her back on her race because of the moral reason to help the Dwarves of Erebor.

2. Not only does she have amazing skills with her bow and She has years and years of experience to give to the Femme Fatales.

3. Tauriel is also the Captain of the Guard for the elves of Mirkwood, so if that isn't reason enough for her to be the captain, then here's one more.

4. Tauriel noticed that even though they were succeeding in killing the spiders in their nests that they were making in Mirkwood, more kept appearing. She suggested to Thranduil that the elves go straight to the source and destroy the spiders. She took initiative to go into enemy territory and destroy an enemy that was troubling her people.

If the Femme Fatales had her as their Captain, she would lead them into battle with the thought that if they met their enemy on home turf they could destroy them at their source and never have to deal with them again.

(I'm going off of the original Tauriel casting rules, not the "Finished/Final" version. For the first rule.)

1st Round Pick: Alice (Resident Evil Movies 1-6)

Waiting for a written invitation?
Waiting for a written invitation?

For my first round I picked a woman who has a heart, yet is not afraid to get her hands dirty, and is very willing to take risks, with high morals.

1. Alice was head of security at the secret high-tech facility...The Hive. She proved her worth, and then upon seeing a corrupt organization, tried to take them down.

2. After escaping The Hive, Alice was experimented on and given extraordinary abilities, such as advanced healing, strength, speed, and Telekinesis. She continues to fight not only the zombie hordes umbrella unleashed, but umbrella itself. Talk about a woman with a mission.

3. Not only does Alice bring a lot to the table with just herself, she has very talented friends to call upon in case Femme Fatales was beaten (highly unlikely). She has a lot to bring to the table.

4. Time and time again Alice has been knocked down. Yet time and time again, Alice has risen up to fight back faster, and harder. She never goes down without a fight, and even then she keeps on fighting.

Alice is a very crucial component to this team of Heroines. She can hold her own and not once will she look at someone and judge them for their weaknesses. She will be the soul of this group...yet a total badass.

2nd Round Pick: Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

Petrificus Totalus!
Petrificus Totalus!

Second round comes for a woman like no other. Not only is she a loyal friend, book smart, and gorgeous beyond anything...but she is not afraid to fight against an enemy more powerful than her.

1. Hermione brings to the table her smarts. She has read many books and memorized them by heart, and is a very talented witch.

2. She fought alongside Harry Potter when their whole wizarding community was untrustworthy. She even sent her parents packing with no memory that their only daughter even existed, because she knew it was a weakness some would exploit.

3. Hermione is the brightest witch of her age, and in the Battle of Hogwarts proved that by taking on Voldemort's lieutenant. Hermione proves time and time again throughout the series that if you were ever in need, she would be the one to look out for you.

4. Hermione's talents can be exploited because not only can she teleport the Femme Fatales into enemy territory, she can cover their tracks with her talented spellweaving.

All-in-all Ms. Granger is a component for this team that is needed, and cannot function without. She brings power, skill, and loyalty to this team. Sure skill and power isn't lacking, but considering Hermione could quite possibly take on all the rest, possibly at the same time, is what makes me believe she is needed very much.

3rd Round Pick: Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

I'm always picking up after you boys.
I'm always picking up after you boys.

Bringing it to a close with the third and final pick, comes a woman known for her badasseryness. She can hold her own against any man pitted against her. She even shows a bit of love...when it works for her.

1. Black Widow may not have any superpowers herself, but that has not stopped her from joining with a team of superpowered individuals, who happen to be all men.

2. Natasha goes on to prove that she can make her own decisions, is willing to take risks and do what others normally would not. She charges in guns blazing, but never without a plan.

3. She is an expert martial artist. With impressive beyond all belief interrogation, and hacking skills. Natasha proves to be a very valuable asset to Femme Fatales.

4. Romanoff is a fighter, in the literal term and figurative. Her loyalty is hard to win, but once received, you have a friend, lover, and sister all wrapped in one. She says herself that she's "Not all things to all people, all the time."

With a woman as versatile as her, Femme Fatales can infiltrate anywhere they need to go. A very valuable and loyal team member, Natasha Romanoff/The Black Widow, brings the team of Femme Fatales to a close. Whatever the universe faces, this team of heroines is more than a match for it.


What do you think? Worthy?


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